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Thursday, November 1, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Anderson, Indiana on 1976-10-15 17:20:00 - Orange light by near full moon in east. decended very slowly. over 20-30 min. came to neighborhood at tree top level. lights came on like scanning. went off when left residential area.

1. walking to a dairy queen from neighborhood s.E. of 53rd st and madison ave. anderson , in. 2. clear sky, full moon. looked up and i thought orange light maybe 3.Planet but too bright. barely moved. after leaving ice cream shop looked to be an airplane descending normally. this area neighborhood on s side of town, corn field behind friends house. un developed land to the west of it. as we got close to house(home) obect may have been 200 ft alt. light in front morft , my mind couldn't comprehend its shape for a few seconds. light went from one orange on front moved to a diamond pattern as it went almost directly overhead. once over housing. thousands of multi colored lights on the bottom gave some definition to its shape. long triangular with a slight curve to the underside. four lights on rear red, white, blueand green. don't recall the order. but most amazing was a panel of orange lights , rectangular in shape. seemingly taller than the craft was wide. they flashed in different patterns and positions. no sound was emmited, i could hear a neighbor working on their car 3 houses away. once object cleared housing area. lights went to only the rear 4 . red blue green white. flashing back and forth. then i noticed in the far horizon. atleast 6 other craft with the same 4 lights. area is flat no hills. my 2 buddies ran in the house. i tried to make them watch. i had seen this once before a year prior. object with 4 lights. personally i felt object scanning gathering data. when i saw the other objects. almost felt like something about to happen.. objects went out of sight over horizon. i was prob 16 years old when this happened

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Credit: MUFON

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