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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Salineville, Ohio on 2005-09-27 22:17:00 - The aircraft passed over head very slow and then it took off extremely fast.

I was at my mom and dads house. they live on the outskirts of town in farm country. i was at the house by myself and i was standing in the kitchen looking out the back window into the woods and i started to see different color lights at the bottom of the tree line. there is nothing behind there house for over a mile. the next night it was the same thing about the same time. the next day i went to the wood line to see what i could see and the lights had to be from across the hill so i walked over there and found the hay field grasses was swirled, flattened, and missing. so i walked around the edge of the field and i could hear something moving that sounded like a squirrel, rabbit, or chip monk or something that would shuffle its feet kind of a sound. the sound followed me around the field and if i would walk towards the sound it would go the opposite way. then once i would walk away from it, the sound would once again follow me again. the sound seemed to have gotten about 5 feet from me in the clearing and i couldn't see anything at all. then i sat there for about ten minutes it seemed like but when i got back to the house my dad said i had missed dinner but i left the house before breakfast. i was gone all day and i don't know how that was real but then the next night i went for a walk down the road and then when i returned home, that is when i seen the aircraft coming from the direction of the field where i heard the sounds. the aircraft had to be 125-150 feet triangular. completely silent but put off some kind of a vibration low frequency hum that was kind of like the air pressure got thicker, then the aircraft passed over and the air seemed to be very light and clear. i have been hearing and seeing things for years and many of my family that i have been with has seen things they couldn't explain.

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Credit: MUFON

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