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Saturday, November 24, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Beaverton, Oregon on 2018-11-23 00:00:00 - I noticed cirlcles forming in the cloud cover. then other shapes started to manifest in the approximate area. like triangle shapes with perfect right angles. another shape with a triangle inside of it with circles at the points of the triangle. not clouds

I was observing and admiring the full moon last night 11/23/18 @ about 9pm pst in beaverton, oregon outside of my apartment complex. i was taking pics of the full moon because i'm cheesy and i always do. there were clouds moving by and it looked very cool. like a spooky kind of cool. there was one of those car lot advertising spot lights circling around the area where the moon was living at that moment. at least thats what i assume it was. i was waiting for a big break in the clouds, which i could see coming, so that i could get a really good pic of the moon 🌙. thats when two different circles started taking shape in the cloud cover. i got super excited because im always looking. i never have seen anything to make me feel what i felt last night. i started instantly taking pics. i continued my stroll, staring at the moon. staring at these two circle objects. taking pics in absolute aww knowing that i got something on camera. about 4 or 5 minutes into my stroll i noticed another shape manifesting kind of in unison with the moon itself. that brought my excitement down a peg. i figured the moonlight had to be doing some tricks with my eyes. i took pics of it anyway because i started to think 'clouds dont form perfect right angles with circles on both sides loking like a damn rocket or some shit do they?' after the excitment of that i started heading back to my aparment. i noticed another couple of shapes manifesting. at this point im overwhelmed with the notion, the fact, that im standing here taking pictures of ufos. i know in my heart of hearts what i saw was not natural. i cant really explain the feeling i had at the time. like it wanted me to see it. like i was compelled. like i was supposed to go look at the moon at that excact moment. that sounds stupid and i have a hard time accepting destiny type concepts. i just want an answer. not that not knowing the answer isn't intriguing enough as it is i mean its cool and all and i'm always looking. im obsessed with the fact that the general public is clueless on the subject. it suprises me how many people just dont care to know either way. i want to know. it wont change anything in my reality because i already have my own opinion on the topic. but i just want to know the truth. is it natural cloud formations? am i that alone that my brain is seeing shapes in the clouds and converting them into something thats not real? i want to know. please.

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Credit: MUFON

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