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Friday, November 23, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Richland Center, Wisconsin on 1961-10-20 00:00:00 - Many events.

I saw saw 2 greys & communicated with 1 telepathically. i was about 9 at the time. the older brothers were having a big bon fire birthday party at the top of the hill, on my parents farm. i and another family member were asleep, on the couches, in the front room of the house , i remember standing looking at 2 greys through the big bay window, at the front of the house. they looked at me, then at each other. i could tell they were communicating with each other , but there lips were not moving. then they looked at me, and the smaller one (probably female) communicated with me telepathically. telling me that, they wouldn't harm me , and that they were here in peace. then i saw the grey holding a black box, and then shined a beam of light in my sisters ear. she was asleep, on the other couch , and then she started to move, like she was going to wake up, but didn't. they shined the light on her for about 1 minute. later, i wondered, if they did the same to me and woke me up ? then a car was coming down the road, i saw the headlights. the 2 greys looked at the each other, then the car , and i saw them move over to the side of the house. they moved like 1 leg was shorter than the other. then the car let off 1 of my older brothers. the car went back up the road, with the headlights shining in the other direction. then the greys came back in front of the window, and then left. the next day, i was with my dad and the tractor and trailer, up on some land we call the 80, fixing fence.... when i looked at the ground & saw a hole about 10 feet in diameter and 1 foot deep. i asked my dad what made it. he said ... he didn't know...Ands didn't care. i kept my mouth shut..And , thought..."i bet, i knew what did it". as, i grew up.I always felt like , i had a 6th sense. it seemed like , i could always tell what other people were thinking...And there were times when other people would ask me...How i could i know ? i also felt like they left me with something. that , i could summon them, and that they were watching me. i dug a brown symmetrically shaped object , shaped like a football out from under my teeth gums, and threw it away. then, i knew they couldn't track me, but knew they were looking for me. i would always test my gift and call them in...See their ships, but then shut down the signal before they could find me. other people that were riding with me in my car at night, on the way home from work, would see the lights ..Then would ask me.."why do i always see them, when i'm with you" ? one day in the summer afternoon while driving down i94/interstate by madison, wisconsin,loaded with traffic...I tested my gift & summoned them. a craft showed up in the sky, and then i shut down the signal. they knew , i was there, but with all the cars, they couldn't tell which car i was in. the wisconsin state patrolmen were stopped alongside the road watching the bright diamond shape light at 2:00 in the afternoon for about 15 minutes... and then , another person i talked with that was coming down the i94/interstate by madison, wisconsin said there was a big mist like a cloud and it disappeared. i also, watched a huge craft, for about 10 minutes, shaped like a triangle , go through the skies. i estimated its size to be about 1/2 the size of the united states.

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Credit: MUFON

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