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Thursday, November 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Frederiksberg, on 1997-08-10 12:01:00 - Was absorbed by the space ship it was alive it was consciousness and it came in a dream but it was not a dream it was very conscious ,, and there were people there who wanted to show me something

It all starts with going to bed .. but for a short while but everything is in a dream state where i wonder that i'm already upstairs ,,, i'm going to my living room and there's a man there inside ,, i do not wonder at all about his presence ,, he tells me we're going to go down ,, he is sitting down on the floor saying that we just have to look at each other before we go we do so while i wonder since i just went to bed we walked out of my door pyramid and i see a lot of pictures histioric senaric ... and he shows me a stairway down where there is a pharaoh and he steps down on it and i think that's not what he should do, "he smiles and nods to me to do the same ,,, i walk carefully on this very beautiful chest with the utmost caution .. see the coffin of gold and descend from it ,, and as we step down from it we are in a silver tunel where gravity does not last longer us down i wondered all the time that i had just gone to bed and now this, "we communicate telepathic..Which i also wonder about ,,, we fly through the tundle and end at a border away from the earth and the man say now they come up to some stars and i look around and feel the grandeur and become the strong spirit at the sight of the universe opens so big ,, i look up and there's just like something bending the room but i can not see what that's before it's just in front of me and i'm looking into a mirror ,, but it's an s olid material ... it suddenly opens the door materialized to my great wonder ,, inside there were 5 people everyone was absorbed by this spaceship but their bodies were just as part of this ship very minimalist inside ,, when i saw that there was a seat for me with a faithful copy of me there in a print of me i went in there and lay down ,, the matrix the ship itself began to surround without feeling it, it was alive and even who had scanned me with scary precision ,,, i lay there and the ship was floating and the seat began to surround me and flow into my eyes and nose mouth and my intimate parts and i became one with the ship and the other people ,,, and my thoughts were shared with everything on board my thoughts were answered before i thought of the one that i also wondered about ,,, i asked for many things in my mind as everything was so overwhelming to me who does that ship work, whomever you fly it, and there came the most beautiful sounds, "as a form fo r music no more sounds ,,, and the ship telepathically let me know that they could navigate by the sound it traveled through sound ,, and the sound could travel through dimples depending on where we were going to dark dimples or lights dimples ... and our influence on the sound was so strong that the ship used the energy we made from whose brain waves could travel in time and space ,,, i end up here but one thing is sure it was not a dream ,, i have often experienced creatures that looked different and met them through my life ,, but this was the most detailed experience i've had,,,,i have had these dreams since i was very small and have always been very different one of my friends i could not concentrate in school i was mistriosk against all adults ,, i fought for autiorteter ,, and came to psychiatrists who could not give me any dianose .. i've always been very strong and huge energy could see through things and showed i was unomal ,,,,, i told about my experiences at night and they thought i was ill ,, but i was true to this experience so i was convinced to talk about them ,,, and i found out that nobody understood me so now i think i want to share them with you ,, and i do not know if they can use you ,, the best wishes and greetings from denmark i have not drawn it but can draw the way it is desired

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Credit: MUFON

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