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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ontario, California on 2001-11-23 21:07:00 - Craft moved slow changed direction followed by 2 helicopters, stopped then bright light opened at bottom center of vehicle then took off so fast and left a up-side-down white mushroom cloud that glowed bright enough to light up the city under it.

This ufo was slowly flying with 2 helicopters on each side of the ufo. the cigar shaped vehicle came to a stop and the choppers stopped too. we viewed a light in the bottom center of this craft to light up and get bigger and brighter. then, it took off so fast that you could not see the craft ascending. the to helicopter lost control for a few second and then regained control and slowly retreated from that location. one helicopter was a news helicopter and the other helicopter was black and had no numbers or labels to determine its ownership. the ufo that took off left a big up-side-down white cloud of exhaust from its launch and the white cloud was so bright. it lite up the city that as under it for about 25 minutes. there was no wind on that night. so, the clouds shape was not blown around. the white cloud only moved because of the earths movement. the cloud disapated in about 1 hour and 10 minutes. this event was witnessed by 8 other professional truck drivers that night and we all known that it was a ufo that took off over ontario at the ta diesel station. we called and reported the event to the police and news departments and they lied and said that it was a govenment excersize and we should not worry about it. i told them that we do not have a fuel that burns so bright and take off at incredible speed as that craft took off. a human-being would have been crushed on take off in that crafts speed at launch. it is well known how our government and military try to lie about the alien activities that occur around the world. they cannot lie about the craft that was over the white house on more than one occation. people are not stupid as they would like us to be about the truth!

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Credit: MUFON

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