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Sunday, December 2, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Tewkesbury , England on 2018-12-02 19:50:00 - 4year old sone wakes up crying saying they want me to go to the moon

My 4 year old woke up crying historically at about 19:50 shouting daddy they want me to go to the moon so i asked him what he was on about and he said the aliens want me to go to the moon and he pointed out his window to my amasment i saw a light that disappeared. my son doesn’t watch anything that would have aliens in it so didn’t think it was a nightmare i asked him what the alian looked like he replied it was orange and big and in the garden so i said to him how did it get there he replied in a triangle then he asked me to show him pictures and picked out a picture of an alien which i will attach and then a triangle shap craft that went swish when you came upstairs daddy then i said where did they come from he said another planet so i show him pictures of all the planets and he pointed at saturn so just out of curiosity i said which planet do we live on he instantly pointed at earth and said that’s where we live and that’s where they live pointing at saturn again and to be honest he’s a little young to know about planets it’s not something he would have leant about yet so i googled aliens on saturn to find that this year scientists discovered that one of saturn’s moons could sub stain life so i find this strange that he said they want to take him to the moon and that they come from saturn which one of saturn’s moons has elements to support life he is still awake now at 10pm saying he is to scared to go to bed witch is very unlike him

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Credit: MUFON

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