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Thursday, December 13, 2018

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UFO Landing in Alaska on 2018-12-12 04:10:00 - Flew from the north grappled sister and dog brought into ship landed viewed ape through window flew away to the east

I was watching netflix with my sister and my golden retriever across my lap when i heard a jet engine. this was not strange as there is a military base nearby, but it got louder and louder until the whole house was shaking violently. i went outside to see what was happening when a elliptical vehicle with ribbed fins. at first it looked like a blimp but it just sped up and i knew it wasn't a blimp it's hull varied in color and the colors mooved kind of like a lava lamp. it had a spotlight on it's nose and put it's spotlight on my sister. as it flew over my house all of the ights went out and when i pulled out my cell phone to record it didn't work as it neared i saw an ape-like figure in a cupola like window on the left side. it stopped over me and it's searchlight brightened in intensity. i saw a rope lower down with a cylinder attached to the bottom about the size of a dinner plate. when it got within about 10 feet my sister's hair started to pull towards the object, and at about 5 she began to rise from the ground. i grabbed her arm and tried to pull her back down and she looked at me, her brown eyes had become red and she spoke in a deep evil voice: "release me now!". i was startled and let go. sherose more and when her feet were 2ish feet off of the ground my dog ran and grabbed onto her ankle with his teeth. she began to kick her feet around trying to kick off my dog. she was doing this as i was temporarily blinded. i don't know what caused it but about 3 seconds later i heard a mechanical whiring and the vehicle flew off to the east. i passed out and when i woke my vision was repaired and i was covered in 2nd degree burns. i walked to my home and found that all glass in my home was shattered and when i checked my phone it was cracked and wouldn't turn on. i walked to town and bought gauze and moleskin to cover my burns. then i walkd back thr 5 miles to my home and the glass was repaired and myphone was still cracked but now worked. 2 days later my sister comes limping out of the woods from the north with a strange branding on her back. she had lost memory of the last few days but she had strange scars all over her and one of her breasts had been removed. she went to the doctor and the doctor gave her pain medicine and referred her to a plastic surgon for scars/breast/branding.

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Credit: MUFON

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