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Saturday, December 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ridgeville, South Carolina on 2018-08-12 00:00:00 - Egg shaped object came down below yard light and turned 3’ from ground and shot straight back up and came down again a few min later and me and my friend ducked cause we thought it was going to hit us

Me and my friends were returning to my home at 12:15am on a sunday morning, when i noticed (what i believe is a military stationary drone that flashes all kinds of colors ) a stationary object that i’ve noticed for the past few months but it was really active and bright and flashing very fast and different colors , so i stopped and at this time i was in my brothers yard that lives a few hundred yards from me . when i stopped i could feel a presence and noticed something just above the the illuminated yard from the yard light and it was making quick and short lines and turns and then it came down into the illuminated yard and about 3’ from hitting the ground it slowed just enough to get a permanent illustration in my head of the shape and the same feel and visulation as a live object with a clear outline of it before shooting straight back up and once above the illuminated yard disappeared. i asked my friend which was in the passenger seat , did you see that ? he said see what and i said nothing . so after a few seconds of gathering control of myself we proceeded to my house and when we got out and started walking towards my house it came down again and so quickly we both ducked at the same time cause we thought we were going to be hit by it but it changed direction and shot straight back up into the sky and we both looked at one another and i said that ! to answer his question. this thing was about 5’-6’ long and 2’-3’ wide and had a dull white glow and made no sounds and had no visual propulsion and the 2nd time it came down between a palm tree and a oak tree that are nearly touching , i do not believe anyone can maneuver something that fast in such a tight area by remote control and it wasn’t big enough for a man to be in it . i ran inside my house and told my wife what i saw and the next day i told my sister and her boyfriend and described it as an egg or teardrop shape and i goggle ufo on the internet and that’s when we saw the navy jet encounter with ufo and that’s exactly what it looks like . i’ve emailed the air force at the charleston air force base twice but got no response and emailed to the stars academy and got no response. this happened 3 days before our deer season opened , it was august 12 2018

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Credit: MUFON

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