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Monday, December 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Evergreen, Colorado on 1998-03-27 23:30:00 - Hovered over road between trees moved down hill stopped by nieghbors empty house over road 5 to 10 ft super bright lights below, reflected trees crimson each side of road, noticed me? went back uphill, hovering, no turn around, noticed it go up and awa

Watching a movie with my wife on a friday night, i went to the bathroom and my daughter was in the shower at 11:30 pm. so i went outside to south west corner of the house. i was ready to go back in and saw red blinking lights coming down hill on the road and i thought it was an emergency vehicle, the lights coming down the road looked blinking because of the trees, about ten mph. then it stopped by my neighbors summer home, across the road, hovering still over the road between trees. no sound. the road is 40 ft. wide and it looked like it covered the width. no blinking lights. small dim red lights above the craft were spaced about 5 ft. apart around the circumference, w/one slightly brighter red light in the middle above, reflecting on the top of it. i couldn't tell how they were suspended. the top was circular, about 4 ft. in diameter. the other lights weren't bright enough to show anything else. there were super bright red lights beneath, reflecting on the road and lit the pine trees on each side of the road. reflecting bright crimson red, bottom to the top of the trees. i was behind a pile of branches i cut, looking over them. it hovered by the house for about 10 seconds and then acted like it noticed me. then it went back up the road about 200 ft. no turn around, it just went backwards. and went left down a dead end road. then i couldn't see lights anymore for a few seconds. then i noticed in my peripheral vision, red lights in the sky about 1,000 ft. there were six circular red lights in a circle on the bottom, going up and away fast. it drifted to the right slightly and then back to the left going up as fast as a jet at an airshow. i lost sight of it because it went behind the trees. the sky was clear. i stood in one spot the whole time. it made no sharp turns in the sky. i was excited and went in the house and told my wife. before daylight it snowed an inch. after the snow melted the next day, i went to look at the spot it hovered on the road and there was nothing. i was really happy i saw this and never felt threatened.

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Credit: MUFON

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