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Monday, December 3, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Charlotte, Michigan on 1990-07-10 01:00:00 - Hovered over corn field, shot into sky until gone. dozens of reported witnesses before i saw it

Left girlfriends home about a mile away at roughly 1am on warm summer night. drove about a mile when i saw very bright glow over trees. it was completely uncommon to see something like this then as this is still very rural and naturally dark area. as i pulled up i thought i'd found a national guard helicopter hovering over a field. it had three very bright lights like the sodium vapor lights in town in triangle. the triangle of lights appeared to be two lights lower and the 3rd light directly in between but quite a bit above the others. it was hovering just over the tops of the tall corn about half way back in the field. i pulled off to watch when i realized i didn't hear the rotors beating the air. i had my windows diwn, but turned off the car and it was still silent. i got put and slowly walked across the road when i realized it was not making any sound at all. i remember holding my arms out to measure it and my hands were about 2 feet apart. bottom to top was about 1.5 feet. i remember thinking it was pretty big for a helicopter. i ket watching for a very long time. being out in the country i looked around to see if any of the few house lights we on and i noticed i could see the houses clearly, which was unusual. i looked at my car and could see my own shadow on it. i realized i could see each corn top alost as if they were intentionally lighting them all the way to the edge of the field. it was enought light i considered walking down the small embankment and out to the machine. i had an overwhelming sense of dread as i started down the bank, i actually felt like i was being warned not to go out there. i had already walked about 30 feet and turned and went back up the small hill and stood on the side of the road. i noticed in looking around that there was a very very faint blue oval in the middle of the object. it was just about the color of the ford emblem but a little lighter. i could not see it looking straight at it, but i could make it out if i looked just to the side. when i looked to the sode i also realized i could see what looked like the edges. they were straight and formed a perfect triangle. i watched for maybe another 5 or 10 minutes. it began making a pulsing "thing" that i could not hear per se but could feel in my chest. it pulsed more and more quickly until i could only feel a steady low hum. i couldn't hear it i could feel it. it made no sound. it then slowly raised up about 50 or 100 feet and began picking up speed exponentially until it was going incredibly fast. it headed off in a mostly staight up but slightly off. i was facing due north looking at it, it went north and slightly north east straight up until it was no longer visible. it was a very clear night and it just got so small until i simy could no longer see it. i told my brother of this sighting when i got home, of course he laughed at me. a few days later the next publication of the charlotte shopping guide, the local paper, had an article about this very object. it had been seen in olivet, in charlotte by dozens of people including police officers on duty.

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Credit: MUFON

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