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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Littleborough, England on 2018-12-11 16:15:00 - I observed a large glowing ball in the sky hovering still, silently above a large area of open moor land. it ejected a much smaller ball of light that flew off to the right. the main light slowly descended in hight, then followed the same path.

I was walking my dog across the moors, opposite a reservoir called blackstone edge, located on rochdale road a58. walking towards the old roman road, there's a hill side that blocks the view of the m62 motorway. with a big valley bellow it and another reservoir at the bottom, called green withens reservoir. above that hill line i saw a very bright ball of light that remained stationary for 3 or 4 minutes, with a subtle wobble which made it look odd. at first i presumed it was a plane with it's headlights on, though it grabbed my attention because it didn't seem to be moving, and there were no blinking wing lights or any sound considering how low it seemed to be.It was also noticeably brighter than a plane. i stopped and watched it, then it ejected a very small ball of light which then travelled off to the right about 25 degrees above the hill line, in a straight line, very smoothly at a steady pace. i watched this small ball of light fly straight until it disappeared bellow the curve of the hill. i stood and waved my arms at it to say hello, as it didn't seem that far away and only just over the other side of the hill. i stood waving for about 30 or 40 seconds, at that point the main brighter ball of light started to slowly descend down, it seemed to stop just at the crest of the hill, almost out of sight. i could only see half of the ball of light peaking above the hill, it stopped descending and flew to the right at a steady speed following the same path as the smaller ball it ejected. i had to jump up in the air to watch it as it went, but i clearly saw it stop descending and immediately started flying to the right. the direction would be moving towards littleborough.. i watched it until it disappeared bellow the rising hill line. i ran around to a better vantage point which took a couple of minutes to reach, but i could no longer see either objects. i could see a number of planes in the area, at least 10 or so planes were flying in different directions over a period of 10 minutes i was stood looking for it, they were at much higher altitude. these were all very easily identifiable as planes, and could easily see blinking wing lights and flashing, even planes that had their headlights on you could easily see they were planes. this object was much brighter, much lower and remained still only with a slight wobble. then descended, and changed direction with a steady non changing bright light. with no blinking coloured lights or wings. it was completely silent. i am sure it was not a plane, or a helicopter. i would hear it if it was a helicopter, or you would notice a change in it's light and shape as it descended and turned. it was hard to judge distance as to how far away the object was, but it seemed to be half way between the m62 motorway and the hill, flying over the main stretch of open moor lands parallel to the motorway at a relatively low altitude. when walking back, shortly after seeing the object a very thick fog rolled in and removed almost all visibility of the surrounding area. this was just as the sun was going down also, i didn't have my phone with me, otherwise i would have taken a photograph or filmed it. i can't explain what it was.

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Credit: MUFON

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