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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Moranbah, Queensland on 2017-12-26 19:00:00 - Approach red glowing silent perfect coming toward us turned and was ultraviolet and different from behind

My wife and i were finishing up outside when i was walking into the house. my wife said to me, what is this? i turned back and walked to her and looked. right away i knew i was looking at something different and obviously so did my wife. approaching us at a slow but perfectly steady and stable height was a glowing red orb from the west at dusk. not fuzzy at all and silent. i watched it come in over town so i raced inside to get a camera. looking back my wife should have done this as i don't own a phone but she is handicapped. i raced outside and it was getting close probably 150 meters so i turned the camera on. at this point, it turned 90 degrees to the south. it was beautiful and bright and made no noise at all. as it moved away i had trouble getting a photo of it. i was in a backyard and my house was in the way. it never changed speed even though it knew we saw it and were trying to take photos. i held the camera above my head and tried to take snapshots of it it was not red from behind but a bright violet colour almost white at times. i took photos of everything, even my security cameras but i'm sure the photo remaining is of the craft or whatever it was. i'm sure it wasn't propelled by anything that i knew of. my wife asked me what i think it is and i told her all the things it should be doing, it wasn't. i said to her it was a ufo by all definitions. we both felt really good about the incident. afterwards, i put a post on the town facebook about it and just received ridicule so i removed it. nobody seemed to have noticed it. i would like someone to enhance my photo as i can sort of see my house in the frame. since then i have had a strange sense of something i can't explain when i go outside to use my telescope. other small things as well.

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Credit: MUFON

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