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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Roanoke, Virginia on 2017-09-30 03:09:00 - Huge sun size stoplight red sphere of energy(?) came toward me, changed direction, came back and caved in vanished from outside in (speherlike) all of outside rumbled/vibrated i made phone call during event phone camera was broken at time. 100% real

1. parked beside strauss park field before pavillion about to smoke a cigar in my car. 2. it was massive and glowing bright red with bright red aura leaving slight red trail(probably huge trail because it was enormous.) i dont know how everyone didn't see this. 3. something not from this planet some form of energy pretty sure not solid matter. 4,5,6. decended toward strauss park field (still high in sky) coming in sort of fast(slightly quicker than plane speed). at first glance i thought it was a sun size flaming meteor about to crash into the planet. my heart was racing i was terrified i called my brother and asked him to look outside(he was in vinton, va at the time). he didn't see anything. after minutes of decension it effortlessly came left at slight slower speed than decension toward the middle of the street(westside blvd) hovered in between 2 tree tops that from my point of view looked like a v line(its very close to me at this point i could feel heat and feel my car vibrate mirrors slightly rattle) it looked like a sun setting in a horizon but extremely red, stoplight red. it than began to go slightly up and more to the left from my point of view back up into the sky at least a mile up. after minutes it came back almost the exact same way to the tree line and proceeded to hover perfectly in the v line like a sunset for about 7 minutes before it caved in vanished from the outside in. i was on the phone with my brother the entire time. i expressed to my brother what i saw, the heat i felt, the vibration and noise it was making/giving off, my emotions of fear(heart racing pure fear feeling) for what i had saw and also the anger i felt from not being able to film at that moment because weeks prior i had jumped in a lake with my phone in my pocket and ruined the camera. i have seen a few ufos in my short lifetime definitley all real and with first hand witnesses and definitley all worth reporting but this one took the cake. i had to tell you because of how surreal it was and different. i felt it was easily from another galaxy it was no way man made or craft like you see in movies or i have seen before and also it is the first time i had seen a ufo with no first hand witnesses(other than my brother on the phone with me while his girlfriend was present)(it was also 3.09am at first sight.) i looked up on google "glowing red sphere in sky" and found someone had spotted what i believe could be what i saw, in paris, france but it was a very small picture. mine was extremely up close. i've told a lot of friends and family and they all believe me. i know what i saw i only waited so long to tell you because i had no idea you could write it to someone online that would be actually interested and take it seriously. i figured without the video proof there's no way it can be credible. if i had a camera at the time i'd have undoubtly the greatest ufo footage of all time. i'm willing to show you at the scene and walk through what happened to me that night. thank you for your time please take serious.

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Credit: MUFON

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