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Thursday, December 20, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in St. Louis, Missouri on 2007-02-28 00:00:00 - It drifted over my car as i sat at a stop light, just above tree tops and 1 story buildings.

I had worked overtime, it was late, 8pm, early spring, the trees were still bare. the road home starts as just one lane in each direction. when i got to the town baden, the road opens to two lanes in each direction, plus parking lanes. i first saw an object at that point. i saw two extremely bright lights just above the first building on my left, at first i thought it was a plane too low and worried it would crash. i drove on to get out of the way (i thought) but didn't hear any crash. so i brushed it off and continued driving, as i lost sight of it on my left behind the buildings. then about 1 10th of a mile ahead, there's a train trestle that i had to pass under. as soon as i came out from under this bridge, there it was, just above the road i was on. tree tops are on my right and 1 story buildings are on my left. there was a stop light just ahead of me, so i slowed down and stopped. i had to lean over the steering wheel and turn my head to look up. since it was dark outside it was hard to see the shape, but it was definitely a triangle with round lights underneath in a v shape. it was so close, i was amazed, there wasn't any sound or wind or vibration from it. it just silently drifted slowly over my head (and car). it passed from my left to my right. the first light near the point of the v was just reaching the treetops on my right, while the last lights were still over the buildings on my left. on the right was a graveyard with lots of trees. i just sat there watching it drift away over the treetops. i guess i was the only car on the road, if there were other cars i didn't notice/see any, i was just so amazed. it seemed to be traveling in an circle from my left to my right, i lost sight of it behind the trees in the graveyard as it seemed to continue in a circle behind me. the next day i told some friends at work, they said i was just seeing things and laughed at me, so i never talked about it again.

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Credit: MUFON

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