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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ch√Ęteauguay, Quebec on 1976-08-07 00:00:00 - Abduction by sasquatch like being, and surgical procedure was performed at least once.

The dream? at the age of 6 experiences which i have now come to suspect as being abduction experiences occurred with terrifying frequency. for many decades i was convinced that they were nothing more than a recurring nightmare, but now i am not so sure. the experience begins after i am put to bed, in spite of my protests that leaving me alone in my bedroom would result in harm to me by unknown entities. shortly after being put to bed, the red eyes would appear right outside of my bedroom window. they seemed to hang there though i was never once able to make out any physical body which housed these terrifying eyes. though i have memories of these eyes communicating with me, in spite of their lack of a mouth. sometimes, they would be reassuring, and other times they were terrifying in their cold, calculatedness. i would always fight the desire to sleep, because i somehow knew that the eyes were waiting for me to fall asleep before they would be able to interfere with me. i was never once able to avoid falling asleep, though i tried valiantly. inevitably, my eyelids would begin to droop, and before long, i was being carried in the arms of a sasquatch like being, whose arms and legs were covered in thick, black fur. i do not recall being able to discern any facial features of the creature as every time i tried to make eye contact, it was if my mind blurred out the terrifying face, i should have been able to see. i also do not remember there being any foul stench, as normally associated with sasquatch. i would then be carried out of my bedroom, and down the stairs to the landing at the main floor where the kitchen, the living room, and the hallway which leads to the front door, meet. once there i am frantically looking around as i am screaming in terror for someone, anyone to save me, though i distinctly remember not being able to get away from the beast, no matter how i tried. i was able however, to gain a fairly good peripheral view of my surroundings. i noted that the entire family is seated in the living room, in the middle of the night, and in various stages of undress, and they seemed to be playing cards. which has led me to believe that they were engaged in a game of strip poker. every member of that staunchly catholic, and severely sexually repressed family was seated there half naked or more, and fully engaged in a game of cards, from my grandmother, right to my 6-year-old sister. all were slowly stripping down, garment by garment. all were oblivious to what was happening to me, as they focused intently on their card game. i screamed and screamed, but no one gave even the slightest indication that they could even hear me, much less respond. then the beast turned right to exit the front door. this is where it varies on occasion. sometimes it ends abruptly with the opening of the screen door, and others it ended with me being handed off to something i could not see which carried me up the ladder into some sort of craft, which i also could not see. it felt as though my body was being fully supported at all pressure points by an unseen force. later on, as these experiences continued, i remember being whisked into a blindingly white room onto a bed. i do not remember the facial features of the beings in that room with me, as i was never able to see any faces clearly. it was like they were always blurred out. i could see every other detail perfectly, but never their faces. i remember them taking something out of my head, through my right nostril. they only did this once that i recall. i remember waking up the next morning with an unexplained nosebleed. nosebleeds are not something i have ever had, before, nor since.

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Credit: MUFON

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