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Thursday, December 27, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in North Bay, Ontario on 2016-12-31 02:00:00 - Night time 3 orange orb triangle the size of 2 football fields

Memorial dr in north bay ontario, canada, on lake nipissing lake front marina around 2am december 31st, 2016. i was sitting in my truck in the waterfront parking lot waiting to pick up a friend when a triangle formation of 3 orange orbs appeared to my north (i was facing inland parked with lake behind me). the 3 orbs seemed to be of the same craft as the space between them was a jet black against the night sky and they moved in accordance to each other. triangle formation was heading inland approximately 100ft of the ground at about 60+ km/h. it initially seemed to have taken off from the water as it was in an upward trajectory, exponentially increasing in speed at a very smooth rate. the craft was dead quiet, and there were no other vehicles or people around either, dead of night. the craft was slowly ascending at about 20 degrees and heading north east towards the local laurentian skii hill and north bay airport. before i go any further i need to state that conveniently the current cell phone of mine at the time was too full of data to take any videos or pictures. coincidence? the night was not windy at all, but the two rear orange orbs of the triangle seemed to have been kind of bobbing around like the craft was experiencing turbulence or something. though the head orb was travelling smoothly. once the craft reached just above the skii hill it smoothly took off at an alarming rate straight up into the clear sky until i could not see it anymore. it seemingly took off into space as its speed drastically, but smoothly, increased at an insane rate. it went from just a few hundred feet off of the ground and into (probably) space in what seemed like just 2 or 3 seconds. the craft left no trace of anything that i know of. i am a well rounded man when it comes to frightening animal encounters, action sports, one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and ive grown up learning how to remain calm and keep my cool in frightening situations. this encounter seemed to have made me panic in a way ive never experienced. after this encounter i started to frantically rip around town in my truck looking up into the sky hoping to see this craft again. for about 3 hours i remained in this panicked state and i ended up sleeping in the local walmart parking lot in my truck. i remained majorly freaked out for about 2 weeks and i even missed out on the new years celebrations. when i initially left the marina parking lot i did notice however, a bunch of younger kids running down the street looking up into the sky and pointing. to this day i still regret not stopping and asking these kids if they seen the craft as well. north bay ontario canada does have a 'shutdown' norad underground base, and an old mining underground system on lake nipissings manitou islands... im sure you can connect the dots.

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Credit: MUFON

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