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Saturday, December 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in North Vancouver, British Columbia on 2004-06-18 00:00:00 - Alien implant removed by my gp

I had a conical shaped 10mm long, 3mm diameter at the base, removed from my left bicep in 2003 maybe 2004 at a hospital. i had a mole removed on my shoulder at the same time as the hard object in my bicep that i had been playing with under my skin and grossing other kids out for a few years; dr thought it would be best to remove it. this object had seemingly either grown over time or grown instantly, it wasnt of huge concern to me years ago and it seemed to be a small item at first, and a larger more annoying item some years later. i used to play with it under my skin, pinching it and moving it around, never causing any pain. i laid down on the table in different positions to get local anesthetic for having the mole and object removed. i remember watching the whole event take place, laying on my back watching the scalpel dive into my bicep like a shovel and cutting around in a circle to dig this thing out. almost like it had its own catacomb? even, uterus area separating from the tissue around it that looked like cartilege. the doctor had to cut this white tissue away from it like an elastic band that was wrapping itself around the cone object connected to me as well like spaghetti noodles, i guess felt like tugging as he was trying to remove it. it was all gnarled kind of like obsidian, but not shiny, more like an exposed tree root, but metallic. my doctor dropped it into a little glass jar and it made the exact sound of dropping a half inch screw into a jar, ill never remember that ting ting ringing sound it made. i asked him if i could get some results on that after they send it away, and he was kind of hush hush i guess would be the word. he's not a talkative doctor, he's quite conservative and reserved and i dont know if he was puzzled, or inquisitive, terrified, but that was pretty much the end of the saga. the object left a nice hole where it was taken out, they sewed it up with stitches but it was a weird cavity that took the place of, almost like it was supposed to be there. the scar today is surprisingly small compared to the item removed that i remember playing with from the exterior of my skin, moving it about. there was a line of questions from my doctor later but honestly nothing came to fruition, i never got any results, and time went by. some years later on cable tv circa 2007 or so i saw a guy in one of the dry states in the usa had found a meteorite or something conical looking that looked exactly like the object removed from my body, just way bigger.

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Credit: MUFON

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