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Friday, December 14, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Vihti, on 2018-09-30 21:00:00 - Forced etery by lights, abduction, hostages

We were watching tv. tv and computer goes black but lights stayed. outside(and inside) went totally silent. i went kitchen window to look, there was a black car-sized totally black object that was flashing red to blue lights. sudenly my wife was at front door with two(2) black man-sized things. they had black overalls and faces were blurry. i yelled to them to leave and to my wife to run upstaris to get our daughter to safety, but she didnt move. black man-like abducters came inside to our entryroom and i tried to run but they launched some magnetic beam and my legs stopped moving totally and i fell down. they came besides me and put some metal cage around my head and it started to flash white brite light an then i had huge pain in my head. they beated our dogs(and didnt reapair them) they controlled my wife, she was dull, even as i was crying in pain she said to shut up as i had no reason to cry. her eyes had black/red rings around. and she moved strangely. after i woked they made me walk upstairs to my bed. the one with me comanded me to masturbate, but i couldnt. he walked me to my duaghters room. there was the other abducter standing and my wife and daughter naked at bead. both lying in bridge-like posture and their eyes were round and had black-read rings and talked dull to me. i cried to them to run away but my wife talked again like i was crazy and to do what i was told to. i cried i cant masturbate, so they took me back to our own bedroom and they stuffed some aparatus to my anal. i passed out again. when i woke they had human like faces and started to beat me. they stufed a knife to my right leg and my nose was broken. then other alien took me to toilet and i saw from mirror my poor reflection as i was naked and bleeding all over. they said they need/took my seeds and they would cultivate/replicated my ofsprings for lab-test opjects. and i felt terrified. after that they used some stone like object and fixed all the damages. it took couble of months to remember this all. my family dont remember anything about this.

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Credit: MUFON

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