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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Cle Elum, Washington on 2017-06-10 00:00:00 - Multiple lights moving sporadically across the sky. lights shone consistently without flickering or wavering. disappeared as sun rose.

This was two years ago, and only now i was informed that i could report this. the dates and times are my best estimations, and are by no means exact. i had went to visit my best friend and his family who lived 15 minutes away from me and opted to stay the night. their house was too hot so i had snuck out to sleep in my car, an 84' jeep eagle. the back of the car was spacious so i set up my sleeping bag. i propped open the back window and went to sleep with the cool winds moving through the car. apologies if i'm oversharing, it helps me to recollect what happened. i couldn't really sleep that well, so eventually i turned on my car and drove off, heading up the road and eventually stopping at the overpass that goes across the i-90 from sunlight waters to elk heights. when i had stopped, i decided to listen to my radio, a small hand cranked one from radio shack. i couldn't get a very good signal so i decided to sit on the roof of my car. that's when i noticed odd shapes moving across the sky. i tend to become very reflective at night or in the morning, and at the time i was experiencing a very difficult family crisis, being a religious individual i was about to begin praying, looking up to the skies. i thought at first it was either a shooting star as i could only initially see one, but the movements and the fact that i could see it for a full two minutes straight was what made me reconsider that initial assumption. for a very long time i could see them ducking and weaving around, it couldn't have been any man made planes or aircraft because it was stopping on a dime and changing direction without pause. i say it as if it were a single light but it was not. often yes there was only one light visible at a time, but occasionally i could see multiple lights, but i could not guess how many there were in total. no more than three were noticeable at a time, and it was like it was impossible to see when and if they were fading from view. i could not tell how much time passed as those lights moved, whether i was simply captivated in the extraordinary display or some other reason. i felt like i couldn't really move, not because i was under some spell or such, i just couldn't look away or change position because i was afraid that i would miss something important. my radio was still on at the time and i forgot to turn it off, eventually the battery died however. a few times i did look back at the house but otherwise my view was stuck on the lights. after what only felt to me like a few hours turned into apparently a full night, the sunlight was beginning to come up over the sky, which had been completely clear that night. the lights never really seemed to disappear until the first cars and vehicles began to make their way between cle elum and ellensburg. i was closer to the former, maybe less than five miles or so i think. i didn't really say or do anything about it because not many people i knew at the time would have believed me.

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Credit: MUFON

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