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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Alberta on 2017-07-12 18:17:00 - Wetaskiwin, ponoka, camrose, leduc, edmonton,hinton,red deer, hobbema

I will say it, part of my missing persons case. going back to when i was young i guess. i used get teased and called an alien baby. like i said that did not last for long. i was seen and treated like a person. i went to public school, worked legal jobs, am a canadian citizen, born on planet earth. i lived in residential areas before with out problems, the rcmp can prove this. now with differences, i tell the police, look, i heard the comment hey folks neat trick she can talk with out moving her lips, no it is not a delusion, someone i had known for a long time who commented on a difference. people i knew long term were making comments about hearing voices. so i told the edmonton gang units come and check this out, the rcmp to. either we have a) telepathy going on ( i don't sit and listen to myself so what would i know) b) or some are worried they are schizophrenic c) i have never been in any gang or occult and they can prove that. so i told the police ok either they can prove this legal or dispel this right. in the bounds of the law. this group and program come around out of ponoka, this made up eastern star group, illuminati. people tell they say they are a secret society,. nobodies suppose to talk about this. really, when this has to do with a missing persons act, a missing persons case, which can be proven legally, that would entail a new identity, so what. in a missing persons act, there is also a peace bond. which can include disturbing the peace and noise complains. right bitchy face and swass ass face, this mothership. i am saying this. they go around saying they are hunting humans and animals, unacceptable. whos' problem and issue is this with differences, it is not mine. like i told the rcmp securing things around me as public figure, how can you hide somethings, you can't. work with what mommy nature gave you. that is life, appreciate what you were born with. be yourself, no one else. everyone is unique and different in their own ways. so i just tell the rcmp and police, ok if they can prove things than do it, what is a fraud, scam then they can prove to. facts are better than fiction. safety, laws are a normal way of life, for me anyways.

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Credit: MUFON

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