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Sunday, December 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Centennial, Colorado on 2018-09-10 01:35:00 - I talk to them 24/7. they are here ever night all night. i've seen 100 at most in the air

I just was calling a bitch because it flies like a pussy and never travels past the solar system. i can never get the good sightings on camera because they happen to quick. i've told them to teleport and they teleported across the sky. i've seen them shoot lasers and different colors of electric bolts. they've practiced flying near me. they practice their children on flight formations and they're autistic at it. they implant like a stuffing bag. my abduction is the worst i've seen and or read on any website. they have hovered over my body at night. they've put my cat in a different dimension and through wormholes. i woke up once and it was teleporting my cat around my room at it was screaming i've never seen anything like it. i've seen them in my back yard and front. they've stolen alot from me. i'm only 20. they range from 4 feet to 9 feet. i've been raped by a chick once, she was a slut. idk... anyway implants are anywhere in my body their is like 100-300 idk i need help. i've woken up and it feels like i was already awake like i was just snapped into reality and i was just in a black state getting abducted. they talk shit to me all day. i see nord females,males in my head all day, 24/7. i talk to a grey named zordac and he's evil he preaches it ever day to me. they have frozen time and reversed it while i myself wasnt being like that, my surroundings were. i once saw an alien shoot another one behind my fence and i went inside. they all speak english and other languages most likely. i've seen a clone of me before. one of the nord male that's gotten me is very homosexual and his name is sherman. he basically was smiling at me and like rubbing his body in a very strange gay way. a reptilian once showed me his dick. it looked pretty bad. it was internal and then came out of his body and it was bright pink the whole thing. it was the grossest thing i've ever seen. also i saw one in my backyard and it was a grey it walked toward me then turned around and turned completely black and then flew through my shed and floated on the other side of the fence and was peeking its head over and it stared at me. it definitely wanted to hurt me. the government flies over quite a bit too. they've sent autonomous drones to fly over, planes constantly, weather jets, helicopters, they follow me too. they know exactly when i'll exit my front door sometimes. it's very scary. and no one wants to just help me. btw i dont usually record because they know when i will and then they won't show themselves. but the ufos are yes always above my house with their photon shields on. and in the vid i sent. the weird noises aren't from me they are messing with my camera and that's why it sounded so every. at the end when i said "disappear" and the light turned off. just know i was talking to the driver(zordac) the whole time.

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Credit: MUFON

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