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Thursday, December 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Indiana on 2018-11-26 00:00:00 - Grey about 3 feet tall but that's all i can remember

The thing about getting abducted though is your made to forget! iv been abducted a few times and mental state well never be the same again. even thought them make you forget about it, a part in you brain still remembers and i have the worst nightmare that you can thing off. i hear super height pitch ringing in my ears all the time. i wasn't scared of much but know the slightest bam makes me jump. the last time i abducted was this last thanksgivings. me and my family and some of my cousins go up to my grandparents house in indiana for thanksgiving. my grandparents live in the country in the middle of nowhere by the wabash river in indiana and on night me and one of my cousins go for a walk to look at the stars and when we do, we see like 3 small star like balls of light through the tree across the rive on the other side and we dont find out in till later that theres nothing but woods over there no house or anything. the lights are flashing white and red and there moving in like a circle so i know it wasn't a plane or anything and the light were like eye level with us. sk we go in side and all of a sudden a super bright light comes in from all of the windows in there house but some how it seems to be coming from the sky. after that i dont remember much of what happened after that, except this one memory that i have of people screaming in the dark but it's not dark and me not knowing were i em. the next morning i woke up only in my underwear and i always sleep with a shirt on, and i had 3 mark's on my left shoulder/arm that i dont have a pic on and another mark on the exact opposite side of my heart on my chest. the mark is like 3 centimeters tall and 4 wide and it's almost like a red circle. right after we left my grandpa had this huge purple/green/yellow buse on his arm that covered hes how arm and he went to the doctor and no one knows were it came from. if someone is reading this i just want to say thank you! for taking you time reading this story. i just feel like everyone thinks i'm crazy, but i just can't stop thinking bout this and its driving me crazy!

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Credit: MUFON

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