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Saturday, December 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Cropwell Bishop, England on 1974-10-15 21:30:00 - Hexagon shaped ufo with orb in center, shape and orb not connected

Cycling back home from scouts, about 9:30pm saw a bright light in the fields behind my parents house, so when i got back home i went and sat on coal shed roof and looked down on this strange object flying under the nearby high power electricity cables about 250,000 to 300,000volts, parents were out we had a babysitter. local area was a no fly zone. due to where i was sitting the object was below the horizon. looked like the chemical symbol for benzene without the hydrogen molecules. the orb at the center of the hexagon was very bright, looked like it was made up of a lot of individual lights shining outwards, ranging in colour from orange to red. while the hexagon shape surounding it looked like its was either glass, perspex, or some type of transparent ceramic, this was orange in colour with darker triangles along the edges that looked like they were inside the object glowing outwards or strange scorch marks on the inside glowing outwards. at the inner edge corners of the hexagon shape were circular indentations like they were something holding the hexagon edges together. the inner orb didn't seem to connect to the outer hexagon shape. the object seem to be flying back and forth under the high powered electrical cables, probably measuring the magnetic field given off by the cables. it was a very bright object and it lit up the ground so you could see that it was not being towed along by anything on the ground. plus it flew over a hedge that would have gotten in the way of any ground object that would show it to be a hoax. the object disappeared when i got distracted by the babysitter. distance from object about 1450 feet.

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Credit: MUFON

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