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Sunday, December 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Long Beach, California on 2018-07-26 20:30:00 - 1-3 objects. 4-5 nights a week. easily observed. every person i have pointed it out to notice. going on 2 years. easy to see all of long beach nightly 1-3 objects, does not fail to show.

Noticed when i moved to north long beach, 2301 e. market #14 (i have moved) off my balcony (i play online poker nightly)no less than 6 nights a week. off the balcony looking east as soon as it get's dark they are there. always 1 but about 3 out of 7 days you will see all 3. they move but only if you have a point of perspective to compare it to. i had power lines to use as a guide. it's an old building, before height regulations. i can see all the way to downtown l.A. from my balcony and all planes going into lax. and the fly over from long beach airport. objects move from time to time but mostly do not move. i can never catch when they leave. if i look down when i look up, it's gone. have seen them come in, or should i say appear and rise or descend. reaction: nothing surprises me. i've seen passenger planes stop in mid air, and i am not talking about video. i've seen some things. i am very aware and awake. from cern to haarp to dew antarctica etc... i moved back to downtown long beach. can't see much now, too much light pollution (led). although i do spot them when taking a walk. just don't say anything anymore. i catch the blue line willow station train mon-fri i'm there between 5-6 a.M. to catch my train. as i come out the parking structure like clockwork daily to the east the 1 is just sitting there. same spot almost every morning, i'm sure it there all night. there's a police sub-station on location there. i sure if you contact them and ask them to step outside and look east what is that light in the sky that doesn't move? and they will say "i see it, and i'm not sure" too many witness to count but i will leave an average. hope you come check it out. and don't worry you won't be disappointed. give me a call if you need to. after 6 p.M. (pst) you might be able to locate them on google earth? sorry i have nothing to submit. send someone let me know what you find, remember all long beach north - east - west after dark doesn't matter. really creepy that no one notices until i show them???

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Credit: MUFON

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