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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Keizer, Oregon on 1962-05-26 14:00:00 - Black triangle close to ground.

    in 1962 when i was 13 years old i was hoeing strawberries across the street from where i lived on windsor island rd. in keizer, oregon.   it was on a saturday afternoon around 2:00 p.M. and towards the last part of may or early june.   school was not out for the summer yet.   i was alone in the field, when i heard a buzzing, humming noise that gradually grew louder, and the first thing i thought of was that a swarm of bees was heading my way. my father always told me to hit the ground and lay flat if we heard a buzzing noise because it could be a swarm of bees, and that was just what i did.   i didn't think to look for them, until i was laying on the ground, with my hands covering my head and when i finally did get brave enough to look towards the sound coming from the west, i didn't see any bees, but the noise kept up and was now coming from above me.  when i finally looked above me, i saw a huge, huge, huge black triangle shaped object hovering just above me, around a hundred feet or so.   it wasn't moving, but the buzzing, humming sound was still there.   then the object started to come down towards me, i was so scared, i didn't think to get up and run, i just figured i was a gonner, so i just covered my head again, waiting, when i looked up again it had stopped about 40 feet above me, it stayed there for short while, and then it turned to my right, tilted up some and moved towards the sky.   while it was moving upwards and away from me it swiveled again towards the east and then it went so fast, that it was gone out of sight, just like that.   it didn't leave a trail of exhaust or anything, like our airplanes do sometimes and it wasn't noisy like them either, it just had that buzzing, humming noise the whole time.  when i got home i told my foster mom what i had seen, and she told me to never tell anyone about what i saw.   i didn't for awhile, but then i ended up telling just my siblings, and then as the years passed i told a few other people as well.   i hadn't heard or known anything about ufos back then, but when i did hear about them years later, i do believe that it had to have been one, since we didn't have anything like that back then, that could do what it did.  

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Credit: MUFON

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