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Friday, December 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Guayaquil, Guayas on 2000-09-29 20:00:00 - 1 star-like object began moving , then a second one from the point of origin in opposite direction

During a birthday party , while we were gathered and socializing in the top floor of a 3 store apartment building , i was watching the nightsky , i noticed a slightly brighter star ,there were clear skies at that moment , and a couple of really thin clouds far in the horizon , a minute or so after i was watching the sky , the star began to move to the right , slow , like an airliner at those heights , but without any strobing light nor the green/red ones , just a white-ish star glowing object moving. i mentioned the situation to another person in the party , as soon as i was done gesturing the patch of sky where the object began to move , a second star-like object next to where the first one was ( a little lower and to the left) began to move to the left , at a similar rate as the first one. now having a witness to the second object we called in the rest of the attendees to look up in the sky. after 2 minutes of moving away both objects stopped for a few seconds and reversed their trayectories , going straight at each other , glowing a bit brighter and moving apparently faster. they crossed paths and kept moving opposite of each other and a few moments later they just dissapeared. its trajectory could be represented like this (both objects had the same bright) __________________________________________________ [b] [a] ------------------------------------------- [b] --->[a] ------------------------------------------- [b] --->[a] ------------------------------------------- [b]<--- --->[a] --------------------------------------------- [b]<--- --->[a] -------------------------------------------------- [b] [a] --------------------------------------------------- ----->[b] [a]<------ ------------------------------------------------------- ----->[b] [a]<------ ----------------------------------------------------------- ----->[b][a]<------ --------------------------------------------- <[a][b]> -------------------------------------------------- <[a]----- -----[b]> ---------------------------------------------------- <[a]----- -----[b]> --------------------------------------------------- [0] [0] -------------------------------------------------------- at first i felt confused, like i was mistaken , and maybe there were more lights that i was not seeing and it was just a plane all along , so when i asked for a second witness to see up to the skies ( hoping that he would confirm wether there were or not some faint position lights that i was not perceiving) and the second light began its movements we both got anxious and a bit agitated, the rest of the party were all quiet while the event was happening , we all felt a bit shaked after the experience and not quite sure of what we saw, all i can say is that i´ve never seen any plane/helicopter/ sattelite/ meteorite do those moves.

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Credit: MUFON

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