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Thursday, December 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Baker City, Oregon on 2018-12-05 18:10:00 - 1 white 6 redish orange craft flying in formation- white lead craft appeared larger than others

While driving home 6:11 pm 12/5/18 i turned onto the road my home is on went about 2 blocks and looked up above the house on the hill and noticed bright white light and red lights above the neighbors home . at first glance i thought they were christmas lights on top of their house . i drove a few blocks closer and realized the lights were to high in the sky to be connected to the neighbors house. i stopped my truck and got out. i realized then these lights were moving in sequence slightly to my left and in my direction. all the objects looked to be chevron shaped . 1 white and 6 reddish orange colored. the white one was in the lead and the others followed its flight pattern perfectly spaced apart. when the lead white craft got to approx 60 degrees above the horizon it took a rounded turn to my left and traveled west towards the mountains about 5 seconds then turned directly back se . the 6 reddish lit objects followed in perfect single file formation in perfect unison at the exact same speed behind the white lit object .I took video on my cell phone and snapped a photo of the lead white one . they continued se and went out of site over the horizon .These things made zero noise !! i dont understand how these could be so big and make no sound flying over my head ??? they seemed as big as jet airliners but flew way to slow ,i would think a jet would fall from the sky at that slow of speed ?? well not going to lie i am still freaked out and dont understand what i saw ?? i called city police and an officer came to my home and i explained to him what i had seen.Strangest thing i have ever seen ??

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Credit: MUFON

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