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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Framingham, Massachusetts on 2012-11-15 00:00:00 - A ufo went right by neck when i was outside i wasn’t scared i saw it clearly and i have been sick since now it’s has grown and taken over my body my skin i see now it’s crazy membrane and boone helps me. i have a coop marks and other marking

I was on my back deck having my last cig of the night. i looked up and saw a light go up and down really fast, i thought oh i must be tired. meanwhile still on the same cig.The lights reappeared and started coming towards me quickly. it was far in the distance and then came right to me. i was still having the same cig. then all of a sudden it coming over my shed into my yard right by me. i started taking pic with my camera phone but the lights were too bright. there was 6 lights on each side. 3 on top of 3 in a row. the gui was white with one dark skinny very black window in the front. it was soundless. it went so very slow by my house and in between the neighbors house and mine .. so slow that i had time to run in the house grab my daughters camera she has gotten for her b day that june and go back down the stairs to the front door. then it just disappeared as i ran out it was just passing my house i looked down at the camera then looked up and it was gone. poof no sound at all. i don’t know why i wasn’t scared or why i didn’t wake up the house. but i didn’t and i’m glad. since that day my body has fallen apart slowly until it did the final attack on me. it has wrapped me now head to toe, changed my whole body. i literally live in moving slime plasma body and can’t get help. our technology doesn’t just detect this and sees it as normal tissue. it is far from normal. it took my life and everything else it lives in my body under the skime membrane that moves and drapes over me. no one to help or believe me and i’m stuck like this. it’s sctuslly wearing me as a costume. it in my skull and runs my brain too but does let me tell about it. i think because help will never come it’s too crazy and the thing knows it. i am not human anymore and i don’t feel my soul it’s so empty and gone. everything that happens occurs in the plasma like membrane but it moves and is alive probably because my skin would fall off. i have completely turned into this being using me for a costume since this summer. i know it hurts and burns everywhere and went through my skin all zig zagged to hold on. it made or took body parts and wrapped them like my shoulder blades. the outter layer of me looks like i lost about 100 pounds. i did not snd other thing dr blame aging. that’s so easy to do but they are wrong. it gave me so many weird symotoms i am now afraid of drs and when it worked around me i got put away for saying something moving in me and they couldn’t find it. section they call it. what a joke. i am suffering so badly burning everywhere. it moved face c, changed my skull and dropped and changed my ears. the top of me and other parts are boney. it removed all my muscles and added a spine to hold me open. i am hollow and they see tissue as normal. it’s so not normal. it remade all my body inside out. fake everything full of something that moves and burns. i suffer every minute because i feel it. after the ufo isitin i noticed a marking on my right leg and then started having servers elective pains throwing me to the ground. like being taszered. then from there it silently covers you and you don’t know what’s going on. my knees started cracking when i did squats. i even said maybe she. i was a big workout but do this stretchy body it gave me is an insult to me. i was proud of my body. this body is a mess and all fake. it has done so many things before the covering of my skin and it it threw me off my own belly. but remember it in my head do all i could say was wtf is that. it also threw me down by pulling my back down from inside of me and held down my arms. i have lost hours of time. and it made me pass out in bank lots supermarket and my own driveway for 3 or more hours. it’s on my glands too using them because it doesn’t have glands. like reproductive gland manmory glands tear gland. saliva gslnda. it also has my throat wrapped and it feeds from me. my mouth is also counted and i have no soft tissue though it looks like i do. my tongues alive there’s so many layers to thiis thing snd it grew in me over time.. when it got up to my neck that was the final attack and i am fully covered and changed and no one knows because it looks like me. it’s crazy and hard to believe so all i do is suffer. it made my face look kind and expressionless practically and controls the smile. when i think i’m frowning it actually makes the lips smile. it causes mass confusion. they love confusion. i have scoop marking and 3 and 4 dots in patters on my body. i have absolutely no muscle i’m wrapped do crooked no one can tell. this story goes on and on. it started the painful changes ijine 2017 and i thought what do i have nrsa something attacking me. oh it the biggest tapeworm ever. ya right see what it does. but that’s what i’m wrapped in. it’s deeper in me and the drs are of no use they can only check if you have something showing. when i realized this is a body on a body i knew i was so screwed. how can i get help. this is a very long story and i have been under attack for a while. it did kill me and took over me and i don’t even feel my soul. i’m hollow and empty. food doesn’t go to me. bathroom ha. the thing does and controls everything it took over my whole body and there’s no where to turn to at all. yes they are here ones here in my bidy. the skin will scratch with a sharp knife but i don’t think it’s curable and the neck is so straight and nasty and bumpy. i have no neck muscles it wrapped and just moves me by the skull. it also reposted in the skin so that’s all crooked too but the neck and throat are horrible. i am living in actual hell on earth. kike i said this is a very long story and it doesn’t care if i tell. if it didn’t want me to i’m sure i couldn’t. . it doesn’t care because it’s too weird and strange and whatever it did doesn’t show up with our technology . i have watched a dr who has passed remove implants and describe what they were covered in it like my skin. the camera catches the shiny gray material but can’t be seen. it’s very strange. i have taken many pictures through th changes . i can’t believe the worlds missong this one and all i can s is hold on and think someday /. i know it won’t change me back and i’m all gone but knowing feeling and living like this is pure hell. so someday is my new motto. i lost everything cause of this attack on me. yes they want people nice things don’t abduct and study people . i never believed i. this even after i saw it it messed with me i mentioned i saw it and was like oh this passed me and my house. like no big deal. it was a big deal it changed me and my life. i have no life and this grows.

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Credit: MUFON

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