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Thursday, December 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mount Gilead, North Carolina on 2018-12-13 18:10:00 - 3 strobe lights over vehicle then moves se at tree top level then goes below tree line

The time was approximately 6:10 pm and me and a friend where returning home from a hunting trip, it was dark and as we turn a corner to open field a deer was about to cross the road so we slow down. the deer startled by our truck and lights turned away to run, as it did so a strange strobe light started to illuminate the cabin of the truck and possibly some tree branches above the vehicle. my friend first saw the lights in the right side view mirror of the vehicle from the passenger side seat. it is possible i may have also seen the light from the left side view mirror but at the time of was hard to identify the origin of the strob lights illuminating the cabin and area around the vehicle. slowly maneuvering around the corner of the road we come to a open field my friend rolls down the window and clearly ids the origin of the lights above the vehicle. he says it is close to tree top level, i stop the truck.There is no sound. i can not see the object until it moved from above the vehicle to about a 45 dec angle sw of our location. the object seemed linear in fashion, i cannot make our a shape of the object, but believe it was linear due to the orientation of the strobing lights from top to bottom. their orientation did not change. as it seemed to move away from us it also seem to lose altitude until it appearded to dip behind the tree line on the other side of the field and the lights shut off. i quickly drive the car to an area where i now we can observe the other side of the tree line so we can pick up the lights again. the time it took to get where we needed to see the opposing side of the tree line and see the adjacent open field took about 20-30 seconds. by the time we got there there was nothing in sight for miles. i have never experienced an aerial light illuminates the cabin of a truck and who’s strobe lights where so bright they where disorienting.

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Credit: MUFON

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