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Monday, December 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Port hardy, British Columbia on 2018-12-17 06:53:00 - Fast startling confusing ord showing off then fading away

It was about 650am monday december 17 2018 my dog woke me up whining to go out so we go out to the back tree line he does his thing for about 1 minute meanwhile im shinning the flash light around there is a different heebie jeebie feel then the usual 'what animal is lurking in the bush'. hes done so we walk back to the house which is a two story house. i look up at the sliding door (se direction ish) to where the door is thats when i first saw a it thought nothing of it just a star. i was half way to the house and havok my dog just stopped im like bro come on he just stayed there behind me (no leash). i look back up at the object now thinking oh shit thats no space station (first thought it was) or star. it felt off outside the heebie jeebie was strong with this one it was almost peaceful though like we were transfixed on this object as it showed off to us. if the international space station was a dime this object was a small cantaloupe melon. i mean it was not the size of any areoplane star satelight weather ballon nothing not even the moon has ever been that type of size and i live right by an airport. i would also like to note that it was cloud cover and raining and still dark out. so we stood there for maybe 45s to a minute. the object was far in the sky across the street into my neighbours back bush a little ways and above the tallest trees kinda nooked inbetween two tree tops but not touching the object was round/sphere but not like a plate the edges were more rough like sandpaper kinda blending into the sky but not in a dramatic manor. it glowed almost a vibrant pale yellow with touch of white. it stayed in one spot ever so slightly bobbing and i meam just bobbing up down left right etc. it got a bit brighter then slowly dulled down to nothing (like when an astroid brurns up) ( also like it was going directly to space almost) it poof gone. i stood and waited. nothing. gone. it felt un real like i shouldnt have seen that but also like i was ment to see it? i went inside and immediatly looked up comets and metiors for my area nothing. checked the news and the world wasnt trying to kill each other extremly hard. ive seen many meitiors and comets and this just was not it. it was thick cloud cover so it couldnt have been any star not even something exoloding it was too solid of a mass and too unreal. i really want to say it was a comet/like thing for my own peice of mind but i know this wasnt even close to 'human' matter. ive seen lots of stuff like this all these un explained objects in the sky (a few events ive seen) even masses 'following' me in places. between going outside and back in we were about 3 minutes. now at 834 am i look back to the spot and see nothing of unusualness no markings nothing. it sounds plain but i swear this was not a normal human thing.

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Credit: MUFON

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