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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Wellborn, Florida on 1997-10-15 06:03:00 - Ball of blue light changed to green

my ex-husband and i were asleep in bed. it was early morning. our youngest daughter was between us, she was about 3 months old at the time. i could hear him grunting like he was angry. i couldn't move and it hurt if i struggled. i could hear in my head, "stop moving and it'll stop hurting". it felt like after you sit on your leg for too long and while the nerves are coming back, it's hurts to move your leg. i couldn't open my eyes for a bit either. i was laying on my back with my head tilted up and my mouth was open and my tongue was pressed against the roof of my mouth. under my tongue hurt and tasted metallic. i finally got my eyes opened and i knew that i was looking at whoever it was doing this to me. i thought "you're right there, i'm looking right at you!" i couldn't see the being but i knew he was there. finally, i was released. i looked towards my ex and noticed the clock, it said 6:03 in the morning. i looked out the window that was just behind my head behind the bed. in the front yard there was a ball of blue light. it seemed to be about maybe 4 feet in diameter so it was a pretty big ball of light. it was hovering about 8 feet off the ground. it slowly started rising up and going over our home. i ran to the back door which was right outside our bedroom door. i saw the light go over our house and head over an ancient tree in our back yard. i ran back to my ex laying in bed and told him to come look quickly. we both watched this light change to a green color, rise up higher above the an ancient tree and then shoot off into the sky. i felt pain in my mouth and across my back. my ex said there was a long blue streak across my back. i still have it. i felt raped, not literally....Emotionally. if my ex had not been with me and witnessed what i had, i wouldn't believe it. we even kept asking each other did we really see and feel that. i've abducted since i was a child. my oldest and middle daughters have been effected by them. they used to come to my oldest daughter's window and "think" to her when she was about 5, i think to distract her while they messed with us and her baby sister. she had a hard time sleeping and staying asleep, she was up all nights sometimes. she still has trouble sleeping. she would tell us about the children that came to her window and they would "think" to her and she could hear them in her head. they left a lasting mark on my middle daughter's butt when she was 2 months old. she's 23 and still has it. i was pregnant with twins with my middle daughter in 1995. about 5 months along, i woke up one morning and one of my babies was just gone. you could see it, my belly was smaller,lower, and i had lost about 7 pounds overnight. i don't know what happened to her. my doctor told me that my daughter and i probably "absorbed" her but he couldn't explain why it was so sudden and noticeable. she was born breech. i have been pregnant 8 times with 3 live births. between my oldest and middle daughter i miscarried twice and had one ectopic pregnancy. i also experience what i call "tuning forks" it's like a sound in my ears. it's a tone and sometimes it rises in frequency and gets louder. sometimes is low, they can last about 10-30 seconds and sometimes make me dizzy or light headed. i would really like to speak to someone about my experiences.

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Credit: MUFON

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