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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Alien Encounter in Alberta on 2017-07-10 10:16:00 - Wetaskiwin, camrose, hinton, ponoka ,leduc ,edmonton, hobbema,red deer

In defining new legal terms, with a program and group out of ponoka, the rcmp have been dealing with mis diagnosis. bitchy face and swass ass face, with this mothership are constantly being reported to the police for this. also some illuminati group and eastern star group. they are constantly being reported for harassing people about a war in heaven and a decree to heaven. also in this program and group are the perpetrators and suspects in my case. which is a missing persons case/cold case, going back to when i was a young child. i used to get harassed being called an alien baby, that wasn't for long. i grew up in a family dynamic. not a system. differences were also noted while i was growing up. i was treated like a person. i never harassed anyone about my differences. nobody really ever harassed me about that either growing up.I have heard people make the comments to me about nature. this program and group they don't give anyone a chance, they won't leave people alone to be people. i have heard people complain to me about the control, them hunting human and animals. i have heard people refer to the actions of this group like a genocide. i strongly encourage people to report this. growing up, aspects of myself were seen as personality traits. i used to play with skunks, with pout being sprayed. i raised pigs, farrowing making pets out of them, farmers and vets used to love coming around and experiencing that kind of a difference. there were other differences noted, i was born on planet earth, grew up on planet earth, it was always ok to talk about this, in a safe manner. people do have differences, that is a part of life. just like i make jokes about being fart mastered. i have a hard time being silent about this program and group, the abuse, hence why they are called abusive rotten egg farts. i have heard alot of this all across alberta. i heard interpol was struggling with this and the abuse also. i was child once myself and grandma's house is what i wanted to see. it is the cycle of abuse that needs to be broken. it is ok to be different. i told an rcmp member i can't explain everything, if they can prove it true in the bounds of the law for safety.

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Credit: MUFON

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