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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Melbourne, Florida on 2014-08-07 02:30:00 - During the day i saw an entity in the sunlight outside, later in my room a different one

This happened at an apartment i lived in while i lived in melbourne florida.I had been doing paranormal investigations for years, in the night before this occurred, me and a friend decided to try to communicate with extraterrestrials as an experiment. when we did so, all of our equipment turn to static and shut off, and black helicopters and cop cars showed up with lights. the next day, i was doing dishes looking out my window and i saw this gargoyle sitting on the roof across the parking lot from me approximately 50 feet away. i initially thought that the neighbors had put something on their roof to keep pests away, so i got intrigued and went outside to go look at it. the sun was shining, and it was a hot day well i was moving left to right observing it, its head turned with my movements looking at me. i walked close to it about 10 feet away, and right then it's stood up where is when i could see did it was at least eight feet tall, had two sets of bat-like wings, was dark gray and nude although didn't seem to have genitals, and had very round black eyes and was bald. it seems scared that i saw it and approached it, so it leapt off the roof in about 7 feet in front of me evaporating into some kind of mist.I immediately walked over to the mist and try to figure out if i could feel any static or any kind of missed and i couldn't figure it out.Later that night i had just turned over to go to sleep and my lamp was still on, i've suddenly heard very loudly a language being spoken in my room it was like nothing i had ever heard, and i woke up and i sat up thinking it was a ghost trying to talk to me cuz that was very common, and this creature popped its head up from the foot of my bed wrapping its hands around the footboard, this one was about 3 ft tall and had wings folded into itself, and i was just observing it i was scared but not scared at the same time. it blinked its eyes which were very round and black and it was gray and bald and naked but short and it leaped at my window, which happened to be closed, & evaporated into that weird mist to go through my window. then i suddenly fell asleep because i became extremely tired suddenly and when i awoke the next morning i was on the floor in front of my headboard, and while getting dressed in my mirror i noticed i had three triangular punctures under both of my armpits all in a triangular formation. i didn't capture any evidence of this event. i did have a photo or two of the punctures but i don't know where they went.

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Credit: MUFON

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