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Saturday, December 22, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Pérez Zeledón, San José Province on 2013-12-20 00:00:00 - Two visits with 2 boys from callisto. about 90 and 30 minutes.

Another question on quora.Com other than the well known grey aliens and reptilians, what are some other alleged extraterrestrial species? what are they like? here's my answer, based on personal experience. this will be based on about 2 hours of conversation with ril and coco, from callisto the moon of jupiter. they are a couple of the invisible -to adults- friends that play with our young children. i was not ready to record the first approximately hour and a half of communication, channeled through the 9-year old boy diego. the last half hour can be seen here, in spanish. link to 36 minute youtube video removed. easy to find by searching amigos extraterrestres invisibles costa rica. first, as they explain it, they are only visible to the small children up to 5 years old that they come to play with. ril is now 43 and coco is 37, by our years. they usually come as a soul, what we would call conscious astral travel, which only requires a thought to activate. they also have basically rocket ships that carry up to 100 people and take three days to arrive here. theirs is a hollow planet, with a small central sun. because of the reduced gravity they are lightly built. their father is 243 centimeters or 8 feet tall and weighs 38 kilos or about 84 pounds. they comb their hair, wear pants, shirts, shoes, and even a skirt for their mother - they drew pictures of their parents. their dad is about 1000 years old and their mom 950, and their life expectancy is near 2000 years. they get married, have families, know who their grandparents are, and go to school for about 100 years. they can talk right after birth. their numbers and print writing is legible, but i got lost with their longhand writing. they have parties for holidays and sing songs. they live in houses, have a zoo, and travel in polluting cars on ceramic roads. they are hunters who eat meat, which they cook with wood. somehow the animals can regenerate their bodies so it seems that they don't die permanently. that part was hard to understand. they mentioned cattle, sheep, wheat, frogs and leopards, and that their forest trees are hundreds of meters tall with purple leaves. i could tell much more, but despite all the hoopla about ets, and a continuous series of questions about them on quora, nobody has shown an interest in finding out more, so it seems to be a waste of my time. they likely could communicate again through diego, now 15 years old. those stupid, idiotic fake projects that have radio telescopes trained on outer space “just in case” there might be life there are a sick joke to me. let's wake up and talk with our neighbors!

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Credit: MUFON

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