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Saturday, December 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Grand Forks, North Dakota on 1984-09-30 00:00:00 - Two usaf missileers witness strange green fireball travel across the horizon.

i was a minutemaniii missile systems maintenance technician from 1982 to 1985. we would always go to do repairs in teams consisting of at least two technicians with two security specialists to watch above ground while we were working below ground. in october of 1984 i was teamed up with a sergeant who lived in the same barracks as i but we had never gone on a dispatch together before or after this incident. this sergeant was a very religious man, i never saw him drink or ever heard him curse. i don't remember why we were paired up on this night, perhaps my or his usual partner was on leave or sick. we had left the base to go to a missile site and it was already dark. we had driven for less than an hour and were headed west. i don't recall seeing any other vehicles on the road that night, which was not unusual. not very many people lived in rural north dakota at the time. as we were driving suddenly we saw a huge green fireball travel across the sky and disappear behind the tree line. it looked like a comet as it had a tail that trailed out behind it. but what was so strange was that it seemed to be moving slowly and parallel to the horizon. it was not falling towards the ground like a meteor. it then disappeared behind the tree line and we never saw it again. when we saw the fireball the sergeant said the "s" word. this was the only time that i had ever heard a curse word come from this man's mouth. i looked at him, i was driving he was in the front passenger seat, and said something like "what was that?". he immediately said that it was just a meteor. i remember insisting that it was like no meteor that i had ever seen. and we did see quite a few of them at night in that part of the country as there was very little if any light pollution in this remote area. the guards that we had with us were in the back seat and had not seen the fireball. this was not unusual as they would often take naps as we drove to missile sites, sometimes it was a very long drive. i said to the sargeant that we should report what we saw immediately. back then we had radios in the maintenance vehicles to communicate with the base and missile crews. he was very adamant that we were to report nothing, that what we saw was just a meteor. again i insisted that it was obviously not a meteor but he had rank on me and he was the boss on this dispatch. we did not report it to our superiors when we got back to base but i did tell some of the other maintenance guys about it.

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Credit: MUFON

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