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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hudson, Wisconsin on 2018-12-10 22:00:00 - Shimmering towers with a star like light on the bottom. 4 or 5 floated by 2-4 stationary remained.

Just before 10 pm i opened the main door to my house to let out the dog. i live in the approach path to minneapolis st. paul airport in western wisconsin and it is common to see planes fly overhead day and night. we also have a fair amount of helicopter traffic from a national gaurd unit in st paul, mn. that night there was a different light through the trees. the light was too long for a plane so i put on my shoes and went outside. i followed the first object i saw through the trees as i moved south toward the end of the driveway to gain a clear view. as i walked i wondered if this was the only one and i looked to the east to see a tall, flickering and shimmering object moving from northeast to south west. the object was flying over the northern part of the neighborhood and i was able to judge this by the treetops. this object was flying over the homes. it appeared 60-80 feet tall. it is best described as a ball that shined like a star with an obelisk on top. they appeared like stars hanging at the end of a white ribbon with different shimmering colors on top, and a bright sphere or star on the bottom, and the one to the southwest was higher and further away at maybe 2 - 4 miles, was higher in elevation than the rest, and appeared pronouncedly yellower. while the skies around me were clear and stars were easily visible. to the south were some clouds and another was visible directly in front of me seeming to move near and into the clouds before becoming stationery and another was to the south east moving away. about this time my 2 daughters were returning home from a concert and stopped in the driveway to witness the objects as well. they entered the house after a few minutes as they were cold. during that time we witnessed the object to the south, southeast, southwest, and we believe directly above, take up stationary positions at the distance of maybe a mile or two. they appeared to rest over county rd n. initially there were some shapes to the north though i lost sight of them. in all there were 4 that took up positions and 3-4 more that moved in the area and then out of sight. there were no sounds. after 15 - 20 minutes i went in due to the cold as the 4 objects i could still see seemed to not be going anywhere anytime soon.

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Credit: MUFON

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