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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Manning, South Carolina on 2018-12-18 00:00:00 - Walking outside my apartment, witnessed two bright lights. one larger, hovering. smaller one moving around the larger.

Last night my ex wife dropped off some food at my apartment. i met her in the parking lot. as i walked back towards the apartment building, i looked up and thought that it was an airplane. it then moved in a way airplanes cannot move. i stood outside for several minutes as the larger triangular shaped vehicle hovered, positioned at a 45 degree angle. i noticed that the smaller, white orb shaped vehicle was moving in a strange way. it was moving towards the first vehicle, then backing away... as i went into the apartment i went out to my deck and watched more. i ran back into my home and found my cell phone (old flip phone) and took pictures, but it was difficult for my old phone to focus on any lights. i was able to get one good picture of both vehicles. i am a former private investigator with a good eye. i always look into the sky in that direction, which is above a large tree in the back of the building. i would notice if it were a star or something like an airplane. i was upset because reviewing my phone, i was not able to see whether or not i got a good shot. i took several photos, hoping to at least get it. i got only the one photo. i went back inside my apartment and grabbed my binoculars and watched the action. i unfortunately do not have a camera. recently divorced with not much at the apt. i believe this to be the typical triangular shaped ufo's and when it was at the 45 degree angle, i could see four prominent lights. the smaller vehicle was a round shaped sphere. it was brighter in color and moved much quicker than the other. i'm not a ufologist, but it appears that the two were communicating and/or conducting some type of maneuvers in space. i'm not sure if it was ours or "theirs". i will look for the same tonight if the skies are clear as they were last night.

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Credit: MUFON

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