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Saturday, December 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on 2018-12-01 19:40:00 - Sitting outside noticed red orange objects in chevron pattern/groups of three moving up from horizon in formation pattern then they faded out/disappeared at about 30' above horizon

Visiting neighborhood venue with husband. sitting outside at picnic table. at approximately 1945 i noticed a formation of red/orange lights moving in formation from about 5' above western horizon in the night sky. there were to many to count, it was like a herd of lights. they were moving upward from the horizon in a line formation of groups of three in a chevron like shape formation. i was shocked as i was asking my husband what we could be seeing. i flew small airplanes when i was young/ these lights were not familiar lights as recognized on small or large aircraft. we live in the flight pattern of houston intercontinental airport. we are used to seeing planes on approach into the airport. these lights resembled nothing of anything familiar. i did note an airplane at about 90' moving north at the same time as these lights were on display. i got up and verbally expressed "does anyone know what that is". a few other couples acknowledged the lights. my husband also observed the lights. as the formation of lights approached around 30 to 35'above the horizon they just faded out then disappeared completely. my husband and i are in our 60's. neither of us have ever witnessed something like this. i called the local police to see if they had had other similar reports. i also called khou a local news channel. the woman said she could check with nasa and "see if they had anything up". i am at a loss. i would like to try and solve these mystery lights, as for now my husband and i have been witnesses to unidentified flying objects. (i was too in shock to think of using my phone to record this event, i only stood with my outstretched arm pointing to the lights and asking everyone around if they were seeing the lights and did anyone know what they were).

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Credit: MUFON

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