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Monday, December 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Belfield, North Dakota on 2018-11-09 05:00:00 - I witnessed 4-6 "machines" in my pasture which has limited access due to the badlands topography. they were wandering around seemingly looking at the ground with spotlights.

I woke up close to 5 am and saw lights as many as 6, down the hill in my cattle pasture. i thought they were deer poachers so i went back inside to put on a coat, boots and get my phone to take a picture. i was intending to report it to the sheriff as nobody should down there. i watched them for 5 minutes, they were just wandering around slowly near the ground, some closer, others farther away as far as 1/2 mile and as near as 500 feet. it was quiet. the dogs didn't bark, the horses were not alarmed. i figured i had time to make coffee because getting there is difficult as there is only one way in and it would take time for them to load their "utv's / atv's" on a trailer to get out of there. driving on this terrain in the dark is risky unless one knows the area so i imagined there must be a truck down the hill as well. coffee in hand i went to the shop and took out the truck; shop lights and headlights now visible to the people below. i took a video of the lights from my truck with my phone as "evidence" to show the sheriff. then i drove down the hill to the back gate. nobody there. i tried the second gate, nobody there. no truck and trailer, no lights, no tracks, no nothing. i went about one mile,to the neighbor who was in his barnyard leaving for work. i asked him if he had people down the hill on utv's and he answered that he did not and nobody had come through his barnyard. i explained that there were people down there and i was trying to find how they got there. he knew nothing of the lights.By the time i returned home, the lights were gone. about 40 minutes passed and it was starting to get light outside so i spent a few hours searching the area for how they accessed my pasture and came up with nothing. no tracks anywhere in about 10 miles. nothing in the pasture to indicate someone was there. nothing except more nothing anywhere. i was certainly concerned but not worried. i called the sheriff and he came over to look at the video and pictures. i just wanted someone in authority to know what happened and that i did not appreciate someone in my pasture in the middle of the night. he took the video to the state criminal forensics lab. we have not heard back from them.

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Credit: MUFON

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