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Sunday, December 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hayling island, England on 2018-05-04 23:30:00 - In car /came up behind/ blinding light/ apperition in car/ lost time. plus other events happened over time worried but now wish to tell truth

First instance,,driving home to then northampton,around 11.30 this trip i did every w/end for 6 years. this took 2.5 hours all the time.When approx 40 miles from home,my car radio kept loseing stations ,then just started buzzing, i saw a very dull oval light to my left in the sky, ,then a very bright light decended if thats the right word ,to me i just suddenly appeared nearly on my bumper..And a werd metalic ,<like alluminium smell filled my car ,and i could taste it also> i started to be not sure of of what ths was and tried in the country roads i knew well to outdrive it , then i felt really calm , here is the odd bit .. i looked to my passenger side seat and my wife was there ,and said dont worry ,there just lights , i relied to her there not from this earth ..Are they,then she smiled ,,she was 40 miles away at home and i was alone in my car from then i do not know what went on ,untill i found my self in a small country layby engine not running lights off in darkness, near a place i did not know ,,,when i got home eveventually i had done 30 miles or so less than the trip took, and more fuel than i should have had , my car looked in the moonlight to have an odd shimmer . ,, i went indoors and spent most of the night looking out of the window. still with the metalic taste in my mouth ,and my cloths smelt also ,,,,in the morning i told my wife ,who did not beleave me at all ,neither did 2 friends i told, now the world knows and i am proud to tell the story ,and i do not give a damm if you beleave it or not ,,laugh if you must ,,,one day this may happen to you ,then see who is laughtng then ,,since then other things have happened that i will only discuss face to face ,and on a lie detector if needed, with a person from mufon or similar ,who will listen /not laugh , i know more than i have told ,,bye

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Credit: MUFON

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