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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in McKinney, Texas on 2018-12-01 00:00:00 - My wife and i saw a ufo 500 feet from our house on an open field after midnight. it also left ground markings.

A little background: i'm a mechanical engineer, early 30s. my wife and i moved to mckinney, tx february of 2016 and we've both witnessed/experienced weird things since we moved here. february 20, 2017 after midnight: my wife told me that she noticed green flashes in the sky in the western sky. i looked out the upstairs window that faces west and also saw the bright, green flashes in the sky. at first i thought it could just be lightning but shortly after we heard a low rumbling/humming sound coming from above our house and it shook/vibrated the whole house. we then saw some news online about people from prosper, tx witnessing the same green flashes in the sky with a loud humming sound. we were both in awe since our backyard faces west and that's where the city of prosper is. the following is another personal story that has also kept me awake at night sometimes: on september 2, 2018 (around 12:30am, mckinney, tx), i was getting ready to go to bed but noticed a very bright looking "star" which appeared bigger than your typical stars in the west sky so it caught my attention. i looked at it from my family room window for at least 3 minutes and it didn't move; it just stayed in the same spot flashing very brightly. color was amber/yellow. after those 3-4 minutes passed, the "star's" brightness decreased gradually until it vanished. the next day, i went to the bathroom and noticed 4 red dots in the shape of a triangle, perfectly spaced from each other. these dots were fresh skin scars and appeared to be some sort of small skin biopsy. the shape and depth of the 4 skin scars were almost identical and has me wondering if a specific tool was used for this. i didn't experience any loss of time since i was probably sleeping when this occurred and my wife didn't notice anything weird and had no marks on her body either (although she mentioned that one time she saw a weird mark on her body that she could not explain when she was younger before we met). our home is a new build and the mattress is new, plus we clean our house regularly. definitely no bed bugs or insects since we have never experienced any other similar marks on our bodies. also, when i was 17 years old, my high school class went on a carnival cruise around the caribbean to celebrate our graduation in 2004 (summer time). one night, i was with my ex-girlfriend around 2:30am on the ship's rear deck area stargazing and chatting when we noticed a fairly big ufo hovering high in the sky. we were the only ones out on the deck during that specific time, from our point of view, the apparent size of this ufo was like ping pong ball or a bit smaller. there was no land near the cruise and we were in the middle of the caribbean sea. said ufo had an oval shape and extremely bright lights of red, white, yellow colors moving randomly around its center. the closest thing to this ufo is the poster from spielberg's close encounters of the third kind without the white beam. even though we were far away from this ufo and on a cruise with thousands of people and family members, we felt alone and extremely scared/frightened (a feeling hard to explain to be honest) and could not keep looking at this object for more than 1 minute so we literally ran to our rooms. to this date, i still remember that weird feeling and unfortunately experienced it yet again and will tell you about it in the below paragraphs... on december 1st, 2018 (around midnight) i was in my house in mckinney, upstairs, making music in my studio (music production is my hobby). this particular room has a window which faces north. next to my home i have a neighbor with a 1-story home so i have a very clear view of the open fields. based on the aforementioned encounters, i sometimes peek outside my windows or look up the skies at night; i don't know if out of curiosity or with the expectation that i will eventually see something that can't be explained. anyway, i got up from my chair and peeked out of the only window in this room and what i saw literally frightened me so much that i was almost paralyzed and could barely talk to myself. i started trembling and my eyes could not believe what they were seeing but essentially what i saw was a ufo from 500 feet away, on the ground in an open field next to my neighbor's house. it was pitch black so i could not determine its exact outline or shape but it appeared to have an oval shape based on its lights. the thing was incredibly big and the first thought when i saw it: ufo. it had a horizontal string of extremely bright, ice white lights with some blue in them. from my point of view, the size of each light appeared to be like a dish network antenna if not bigger and there were at least 20 of these lights right in the middle of this object. it also had random red lights around the horizontal lights. the red lights were smaller than the white ones. the color and brightness of these lights were so clean and powerful that i have never seen anything man-made that looks similar. as i mentioned before, these lights were ice white with some blue in them and there also appeared to be a fusing pattern inside each "bulb". i looked at the ufo for at least 40 seconds and my body was just processing what it was seeing. it basically looked like the ufo i had seen back in 2004 on that cruise but this time it was 500 feet from me. when you couple that with my skin markings, you can understand why i felt so scared and why it didn't even cross my mind to take a video or picture. right after the event i was kicking myself for not doing this but some part of me preferred to have a witness vs. a picture or video. that's why i ran downstairs and woke my wife up. it took her like a minute to go upstairs and when we peeked out the window the ufo was still there. when i first looked at the ufo, i didn't mess with the blinds, i just peeked through its gaps. however, my wife opened the blinds to look at this thing. i then said to her, i'll go grab my binoculars (skymaster 15x70) to get an even closer look. as soon as i walked out the room to get them my wife yelled "it's moving!". i didn't get to see it move but my wife did and she said that it moved eastbound at a very constant speed while staying low to the ground. at that point my neighbor's house blocked the view and we also didn't notice anything going up the sky either. the size of this thing is hard to tell but if i were a guessing person and judging by its lights , i'd say at least 30' wide and 16' tall. 5 minutes later my wife convinced me to get in the car and see if we could see anything that could explain what we saw but found nothing. i brought my 9mm with me just in case. while looking at this thing from our window, it honestly felt as if the ufo lights were pointed or aiming at our house... i still get goosebumps every time i think about this. the next morning, i looked out the same window to see if i could see any markings on the ground around that same area where we saw the ufo and to my dismay, there was an evident mark of what appeared to be a burned area. i then took a picture of it with my phone through the binoculars. also the overall size of this mark aligned perfectly with the lights of the ufo. i then went to this open field with my wife and with a neighbor. this field is covered with ~2 feet tall grass but in the suspect landing area the grass only had the first 4 inches of the stem/base sticking out, and these looked burned. the weeds/grass around the area also appeared to have experienced high winds since they were swirled and depressed. my wife and i also noticed weird circular footprints on the ground not too far away from the "landing area". these foot prints were circular and ~10 square inches in size but could be from an animal. we took pics nonetheless. lastly, i researched online and the landing markings on the ground looked a lot like the ngatea circle picture that you can find online with two people at the scene. i don't have a drone so i don't have above ground pictures but did take some ground pics with my phone for documentation purposes, including my skin markings from a couple months ago. i also didn't take any soil/grass samples from the "landing area" since i didn't feel comfortable bringing evidence home. it is worth noting that i also asked some of my neighbors that live next to this area to see if they had any security cameras that may have caught the ufo but no luck. one of them did have cameras but pointed to the ground but what's interesting is that this couple told me that they also saw a star looking ufo in the north sky at night, about a year ago. it basically hovered for a good while and then vanished. they said that the color of the light was ice white and very bright. this latest close encounter experience has shaken me to my core and i sometimes have a hard time sleeping at night, just thinking about what i've seen/experienced and researching ufo/skin markings, etc. i sometimes ask my wife about what we saw to see if she can provide another explanation and she basically says that she doesn't want to talk about it since this subject also scares her a lot. i hope that whoever has my case contacts me asap and gets to the scene to investigate before this open field is mowed as it might be owned by the city of mckinney.

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Credit: MUFON

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