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Saturday, December 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ocala, Florida on 2006-03-02 20:45:00 - I was going for my daily walk around the neighborhood. i looked up at orion and saw an object shaped like a flying wing (v-shaped). it went around a treetop and positioned itself about 30 ft. away,paused, then left hugging the landscape.

I was going for my daily walk around the neighborhood and suddenly saw an object decelerate in front of me as i was looking at orion. i just happened to look up at the right time. i figure if i hadn't decided to look at the constellation, i probably would've missed the sighting. the craft was chevron, boomerang -- like a flying wing. it made a rushing noise when breaking out of a high speed, besides that it was mostly silent. it flew as if to continue, but then circled around a tree and positioned itself about 20-40 feet from me either near or on the ground. while it was positioning itself, it was making a cracking sound. i was too shook up to look directly at it as this was going on. the craft was approximately 20-30 feet in width from tip to tip. it was only a few feet in height, and i got the sense the vehicle was being directed, but unmanned. it stayed still in front of me for only about 10 seconds and then took off over the houses, hugging the trees and rooftops -- all in silence. i stared hard at the craft as it was leaving to make sure i was really seeing what i was seeing. from behind the "flying wing" seemed to have other parts to its wings that somehow folded like scissors in order to maneuver more closely to the landscape. no one else was out because it's a retirement community. i didn't feel like i was in any danger, but at the same time i wondered what was going to happen. i felt too wary to stare at the craft too long and direct until it decided to leave. i remember staring down at the edges of its wing(s). it seemed to hesitate as i looked and then took off heading north over the housetops and following the drainage retention areas. i'll never forget it.

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Credit: MUFON

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