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Saturday, December 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Montevideo, Montevideo on 2018-10-20 08:18:00 - I sighted a u.F.O. over montevideo, uruguay.

After 8 pm.My phone run out of battery and i put this to the power line connection.My mom ask me about the dog, she can't find him inside the home, well i take the decision to check outside on the backyard for the dog, i open back home door and then go across the door outside,i call the dog and i feel something like a call from my back left head, i turn quick automatically my head up , and behind my neighbour tree i saw appeared a very intensive and pure clear white light. because before i saw this 2018 another u.F.O.S.I run inside the house i take the phone of my mom directly from her hands, go running out, and i take pictures and film with my mom phone. i staring to feeling very exciting because before i saw anothers u.F.O.S. i haven't the chance to pics and film them, and now i have the proof. first i take two or three photos, and then i change to filming option on the phone,and i film it about 23 seconds ,and because i took picture , in my point of view, is better than a film with the phone i staring to take more pictures, until the u.F.O. desapeared in the horizon, looking like he is losing some height. the u.F.O. looks like a big intensive pure white shining light,glowing and changing some direction on the way. if you see the video looks like it is turning over it own fuselage, like an space ship in the outer space, but in this case is into the terrestrial atmosphere. no noise, complete silence, but shinning like a beautiful diamond. after this i feeling so exiting, very happy and proud of this, now , i repeat, now i have the proof. i forgot, when i pick the phone from my mom's hands, i tell them, mom and dad, i just yell , a u.F.O., but they don't believe too much about it, until now, haha haha. well after i go in to the house i show the pics, and film, they staring to believe in me and in u.F.O.S.. i call a friend and to my wife, and others family members by phone telling them about this u.F.O. experience, for about 45 minutes my heart beating more quickly than normal is. i staring to check the pictures and in three of them when i zooming and change paterns,and colors, i discover the shape , energy leaving and moving around the alien space ship, 4 four,windows, just amazing and lovely. thanks, as you can see, the moon is on the pictures and video. many thanks, but since when i was a child i have a lot of u.F.O.S. and others encounters. i can recognize anything in the sky, because i was a commercial, and agricultural pilot, i am an astronomer amateur to. okay thanks.

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Credit: MUFON

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