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Sunday, December 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sofia, Sofia City Province on 2018-12-15 21:05:00 - A small light visible over sofia

As my balcony is facing south toward the mountain, i am well aware of the lights present there. most prominent, is the television station that sits on the western side of the mountain. it has the distinctive red beacon lights on at all times. a glance look at the window, however, showed another red light. at first i saw it was a reflection of the window from some device in the apartment. but as i went outside, i could see that the phenomenon was no mere reflection. the object hovered motionless for about 3 minutes. then started pulsating and moving ese parallel to the mountainside. after 30 seconds it vanished for another 30 before reappearing and continuing its course. at this point, a change of altitude was also observed. the object descended downwards at a 30 degree angle while keeping its ese direction. during this maneuver, the object turned color from red to white and exhibited a pulsation. the pulsation changed in frequency for a few seconds but mostly it remained at a steady 2 blips per second. after completing its descent, it disappeared again. this time for around 40 seconds to a minute. i was about to call it in, when it reappeared, white in color and pulsating once more. it moved back wnw towards its original position. the pulsations here were more drawn out, around a blip every two seconds. by the distance covered between each blip, i could estimate the object was moving at a fairly high speed. at this point, the object changed color to red again, as well as green for a very brief moment. it stopped its last maneuver roughly at the location of the initial observation. it stayed there for 1-2 minutes, changing color from red to white as well as changing pulsations before blinking out for the last time. i stayed for a further 10 minutes but no reappearance was observed. glance looks at the window for the next 2-3 hours yielded nothing as well. a worthy note would be that another light was observed on the other side of the mountain (south-eastern end). it seemed to have landed on the mountain top and was exhibiting a color(white) and pulsation akin to the first observation. however, i am not certain of the validity of this second observation, as there is a mountain road roughly in that area. trees might be getting in the way of a car's headlights, simulating the pulsating behavior. still, that particular light was motionless while observed. it's observation was made while i scanned the night sky during the first object's disappearances. the observations were done both with a naked eye as well as a binocular. while i was excited, i tried to keep a level head and assimilate the event with a sound mind. there are no airlines that pass through that area. a drone, while a likely candidate would be hard-pressed to pull the observed descent and speeds. while an enthusiast in the topic, i try my very best to disprove any such observation for the sake of validity. in this case, however, i was powerless to put the event under easily explained terms.

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Credit: MUFON

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