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Sunday, December 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bengaluru, Karnataka on 2018-12-16 20:46:00 - The object was glowing red in colour and passed by an airplane. the object first looked like a plane to me but had no flickering lights like the plane observed. about 20 seconds after it passed the plane it disappeared completely. completely clear sky.

I was walking down to the ground floor from the first floor as i looked up at the sky. it was 8:44 pm local time as i checked the time as soon as the ufo disappeared.As i do always i stared at the sky for a couple of seconds when i saw what appeared to be two airplanes flying really close to each other to my east. as i continued to observe them i saw that the object moving from south to north was indeed a plane as it had the distinct flickering white lights and sound. whereas the object moving opposite to the plane was glowing red and did not flicker and it looked like it was further away from the plane as i could not make out how it looked. now i suspected the object to be a helicopter or some other vehicle and continued to watch it closely , about 20 seconds after it passed the plane, it moved in the same straight line from north to south but much faster than the plane and just appeared to just warp out of existence. i was about to get my phone out to capture it but what i now think is a ufo just vanished. the first thing i did after it disappeared was check if there were clouds , and there were none. also the plane came from the same exact path as the ufo went so i was convinced there were no clouds in its path. i looked at the plane i saw earlier and it was flying normally as it should have. i was shell shocked because i have never seen anything warp out of existence quite like what i saw today also i research a lot of ufo material but i have never had a sighting myself.

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Credit: MUFON

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