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Thursday, December 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Roma, Lazio on 1997-01-06 18:30:00 - Disc like with a flat edge all around the vehicle characterized by big bright orange lights.

I was coming back home with my parents and my little brother (2yrs old) after visiting my relatives in rome. i was in the back seat and my father was driving. my mother was sitting next to my father and my brother was sitting back beside me, on my right. we were driving along via aurelia and we reached a point where there are several big street lamps with big orange lights (actually those lamps are still there) but one of these was too much bigger and brighter than the others (we were roughly at 700 mt of distance from the object). we noticed the evident difference and we started realizing that there was something strange with it and cannot be a simple lamp like the others. at the beginning we was thinking about that we were looking at an airplane's nav lights (fco airport is really close from that point), but these kind of lights are white and circular, and the ones we were looking at were bright orange hexagonal shaped, with the two horizontal sides longer than the other sides. in addition, the lights were too much lower in altitude (roughly 50 meters above terrain) and steady in the air. we were travelling at a speed of roughly 90 km/h and we started to decelerate in order to have a clearer visual of the object. in the meantime we noticed a lot of other cars overtaking us due our deceleration and suddendly we were completely alone, no other cars was around us. we reached a speed of roughly 30/40 km/h and my father lowered the window and leaned with his head outside it in order to see the object that at that moment was right above our heads, descending. moreover, in the meantime my mother and i was looking for the pole of the lamp, but there was no pole and we realized that the thing above us was definitely not a street lamp. instead of the pole, there was a weak light blue beam touching the terrain, emitted from the center of the object. we noticed also a patterned, metal-like surface, with numerous tiny white lights all around the circular perimeter of the disc. at that point we cannot was able to determine the nature of the phenomenon that we were witnessing and we realized that we were looking at something unknown. we were really scared with panic in that moment and my father pushed the accellerator and we escaped from the sight of the object that, in the meantime, was raising slowly its height.After losing visual contact with the object, the traffic on the road returned regular and we were no longer alone.

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Credit: MUFON

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