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Thursday, December 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Albany, Oregon on 2018-11-17 00:00:00 - I wokeup kicking my legs, they disappeared, i jumped from my bed and opened front entry door to see their craft

i don't sleep well, but am in bed 10 to 12 hrs a night (health issues) i had just gone to bed at appx. 2:30 am. i did not feel like i fell i asleep; suddenly i felt i was being held by my ankles, i opened my eyes and i was kicking my feet but my feet where 2-3 feet in the air above my bed. for less than one second i saw two beings, large heads, big dark almond shaped eyes, no discernible noses, small mouths, no ears, tall, appx 5'10 - 6 ft tall, very slender, and extremely slender, long arms, hands displayed 4 fingers, very thin, slightly larger in what would be knuckle areas of mid and end of fingers. each holding or trying to hold each of my ankles. my eyes fully opened, i was terrified, i saw them and they saw me looking at them, in a millisecond, the aliens literally became invisible, a very rapid fade out to invisible. i laid there in my bed for a few seconds trying to make sense of what had happened, i heard a strange noise coming from my bathroom, i knew it was my cat but she had never made that sound before. as i entered the bathroom, i turned on the light and she stopped yowling.She was cornered in the bathtub. (she has never entered the bathtub) the shower curtain was closed. i spoke to her, she jumped from the tub running past me and hid under the couch in the living room. something told me to open the front door, like a voice in my head, i opened the entry door to my apt. through the storm door i saw a very bright light in the sky, i then opened the storm door, it was the size of a softball in the sky at what i estimate at appx a mile in distance from me, between 5 and seven hundred feet above the ground. i ran back to my room and grabbed my binoculars and back to my door, i could see it very well but it was very bright and it was getting smaller moving away from me, it looked similar to a mayan/incan sun icon, circular but with quadrangle ends pointing out in 4 directions, the corner of each quadrangle touching the end of each adjacent to it . essentially a cross superimposed over a circle, very fine parallel lines could be seen in each section of the quadrangles, pointing away from the brighter glowing center. as i watched it began to change shape/form like a random oscillation of the orb like center and the quadrangles could no longer be seen when it changed form. i ran back to my room and grabbed my cell phone, (samsung galaxy s8) as i returned to the door, i tried to take a "quick shot" the flash went off and the object then seemed to be moving away very fast, but straight away from me. i began to try to record the object, but as i tried to set it to record it only took pictures, my hands/body were shaking at it was very cold, as i was in my underwear, with no slippers or shirt on, and still quite overwhelmed. as i pressed the icon to record my phone took a few pictures with flash and without the flash, i struggled to try to take some pictures through my binoculars, but i was shaking to much for that to be effective, i finally held the button down correctly to record and managed to get one short video before my phone went completely dead without warning. i finally turned it back on and tried to take more pictures before the object disappeared, straight away from me in a millisecond or less. i looked at my phone and it was almost 6:30 am, i was exhausted and was unable to go to back to bed. the cat spent 2 weeks under the couch and will not go back in the bathroom (location of the litter box). i have told no one about what happened.

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Credit: MUFON

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