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Monday, December 31, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Clearwater, Florida on 2007-08-10 00:00:00 - There were cops barricading the bridge from both sides! i came out very very slowly...It almost hovered. it was almost black except the lights. it looked exactly like the thing features on the pheonix lights. like a v..Very dark..But translucent with ligh

I was leaving clearwater, fl. it was early in the morning around 3. i went to pick someone up from work. as i was going to take the courtney campbell causeway i saw that the bridge was blocked...By police facing inwards...Towards the bridge! i thought maybe there had been a police chase. i then saw these lights in a v shape with a blackness connecting them in a v shape. it was very very slow and very very large. it was moving but almost like hovered it was so slow. it gently seemed to skim along the water then lift up above the bridge..Then move back down along the water when it crossed. then...All of a sudden it...Whoosh...Sped up and disappeared. it was near a military base in tampa so i considered it could have been military. i watched the documentary on the pheonix lights today, december 31,02018. it was exactly the same!!!!!! silent...V shaped, extremely large. how did the cops know this thing would be out????? i thought it was beautiful but i am so confused how the police would know to block off the bridge. this was exactly the same as the shape seen in the pheonix lights! black and almost see through, same shape. everything went silent! no natural noises! ive seen something else in tampa before. i thought it was a plastic bag..The way it flowed up into the sky. this thing changed shapes like a bag and the colors were moving from white to gray..To make it appear that it had a natural shadow on a cloudy day. i really thought it was a plastic bag..Until it disappeared into a cloud!!!!!!! huh?? the cloud was at least 30 k feet up in the air. what kind of "plastic bag" could be seen and disappear into a cloud? this was nothing like pheonix lights. very strange!It was definitely ascending though and although it appeared to be "floating on the wind" it had a definite direction that i had realized was against the flow of the wind. this one had no wings!

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Credit: MUFON

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