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Saturday, December 29, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Xilin Gol, Inner Mongolia on 2018-12-28 13:36:00 - Flying lax to pvg. saw multiple long white objects moving fast out window. roll clouds?

I was on aa 183 from los angeles to shanghai. we were north west of beijing flying in a south east direction near the china/mongolia border. out the window looking south west i noticed long white toothpick shaped objects moving very fast from left to the right in a north west direction. the objects appear to be moving independent from the ground and at a different speed than the airplane. there were multiple small lakes reflected by the afternoon sun that gave a stationary perspective of the ground. the objects were moving independently of the lakes but appeared to be at a similar distance from the airplane as the lakes. the objects were very large, likely multiple miles if not tens of miles long. they were all roughly the same size. i thought the objects were other airplanes or the exhaust trails of other airplanes, but there were no airplanes at the tip of the objects, and the trails were not increasing in length. then i thought perhaps these were roll clouds. but the objects were moving from left to right following one another one after the other approximately 20 seconds apart. i only was able to capture one on video because my phone had nothing to focus on at such a great distance. i remember feeling uneasy because i couldn’t think of something natural that i knew of that could explain the appearance and movements of the objects. they moved in a very controlled way one after the other at a very set interval. eventually all the objects moved past the window and i lost sight of them. it’s possible the speed of the airplane made roll clouds look like they were moving fast, however we were at 32,500 feet and the objects seemed to be at a similar altitude and i’ve never seen clouds that high. also, roll clouds usually appear in parallel bands, not lines one after the other. i would very much appreciate your opinion. thank you, - robert

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Credit: MUFON

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